inFlux: Episode 2.1

By Jason Smith and Carey Peterson

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February 16, 2015

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Celebrate and explore human movement in this multi-episode series featuring dynamic people who use their bodies and minds to meet the challenges of a world in constant motion.

In this episode, we follow Myles Lewis, Travis Weaver and Kyle Railton of California’s CrossFit Avalanche and CrossFit Blizzard to rugged Alaska for an adventure on the slopes.

Kevin Quinn, a member of CrossFit Blizzard, owns Points North Heli-Adventures and invited Lewis, Weaver and Railton to check out his operation. Avid skiers and snowboarders, they couldn’t refuse.

“Alaska to me … is like the pinnacle, the mecca of skiing and snowboarding,” Lewis says.

So they were off to Cordova, Alaska, a small village only accessible by plane.

When the group arrives at a rustic facility—a former cannery that now houses Points North—some are a bit intimidated.

“It’s intense,” Lewis says. “It’s Alaska—heli-snowboarding in Alaska—and it’s not to be taken lightly.”

Eager to apply their fitness to the slopes, the three grow anxious after a few so-called “down days” in which weather prevents them from venturing off the ground. But not to worry: They find some interesting ways to entertain themselves and get active.

When the weather clears, it’s go time, and the excitement is palpable. The vast array of snow-covered mountains is like nothing they’ve ever seen.

“By far the wildest ride I’ve ever taken in my life,” Railton says at the base of the mountain. “This is like adult Disneyland.”

Lewis adds: “You know, it’s Alaska, man. It is awesome up here.”

Video by Jason Smith and Carey Peterson.

15min 48sec

Additional reading: “Mountains Into Moguls” by Emily Beers, published Feb. 8, 2014.

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wrote …

Great video! I love well done outdoor videos. Just missed the Chans on this one :(

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