Practice Makes Progress

By Mike Koslap

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April 14, 2015

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After a divorce, Thomas Tompkins found himself overweight and unhealthy in Troy, Ohio. He was on various medications for high cholesterol and anxiety, among other things.

“There were some hard times,” he says. “Probably the lowest I’ve been, and it took a while to, you know, just to crawl out of it.”

Tompkins adds: “I’ve come to realize I think if you want to have a good relationship, you have to like yourself and put time into yourself.”

After being welcomed into Practice CrossFit, Tompkins immersed himself in the community.

“He’d already done his homework. He’d already done research,” says Josh Bunch, owner of Practice CrossFit. “He puts you on the line to test you. He wants to know what you know about what you think you’re going to tell him. And I really dig that.”

After starting CrossFit, Tompkins lost 50 lb., competed in a men’s physique competition and hiked some of his favorite trails all over the U.S. He currently plans to complete California’s John Muir Trail, a 200-mile trek with 50,000 feet of elevation change.

“I’m in a better place (with) how I feel, especially about myself,” Tompkins says.

Video by Mike Koslap

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Hilmar Dijkstra wrote …

Congratulations Thomas! I know what you feel. I started CrossFit at the age of 56, after serious trouble. Totally burned out in my work, a Prinz Metal hartattack, breaking ribs, ulsers in my esophagus. I was completely worn out.
Before that I was dynamic and never afraid of physical labour.

So, I thought by myself, that physical labour would be the solution to get me on track again.
I started CrossFit. A sport based on the fundamental movenments. That is what I was looking for! I went deep, very deep. I threw away the medications and I came back on the track.
At the beginning of 2014, I was considering to do the qualifications for the Open. I was fit and strong. Unfortunately, on my way to the box one saturdaymorning, I was hit by a car. Broken ribs and broken pelvis and many other damages.

During the period of recovery I was able to get my Level 1 and the on line Judge course. About a month ago I could start again with the training.

All over again except for the technique. Like riding a bike.

I hope that within a year I will be back on the level of the beginning of 2014. I will be 59 then.

Keep training, Thomas. And when you have a period that it is not going so well, just go on. It will come back and you will improve and you will feel better.

All the best,

Hilmar Dijkstra

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