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Road to Conviction Episode 7: Ground Zero by Gary Roberts and Jordan Shalhoub - CrossFit Journal

Road to Conviction Episode 7: Ground Zero

By Gary Roberts and Jordan Shalhoub

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May 03, 2015

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While incarcerated, Fletcher Tholin discovered CrossFit. Watch his rehabilitation in this eight-part series.

In Episode 7, Tholin shares details of a romantic relationship that has been rekindled since he got out of prison.

“I don’t have very many friends,” Tholin says. “It’s nice to have somebody that’s there, you know?”

That somebody is Erin Cooper, who details their sordid past—starting at 14 with a crush and ending with Tholin’s putting a gun in Cooper’s face.

“I’m totally getting bashed,” Tholin says uncomfortably. “This shit’s all … demons from the past. … You really do not understand the severity of the things you do when you’re on drugs.”

Even though the relationship has been revived, Cooper is quick to say Tholin still has to prove himself.

“I wanna make sure that he isn’t going to be the same person that he was,” she says. “I’ve told him this. Even if we don’t work out and we don’t end up together … he needs some kind of support system, and if you haven’t noticed, he’s really anxious and high-strung, and he freaks out about little stuff. He just needs somebody there to tell him it’s gonna be OK.”

As one thing starts, another ends. Tholin is finishing his first Open at CrossFit Edwardsville in Glen Carbon, Illinois, with a couplet of thrusters and bar-facing burpees.

Video by Gary Roberts and Jordan Shalhoub.

16min 41sec

Additional audio: “CrossFit Radio Episode 250” by Justin Judkins, published Nov. 15, 2012.

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