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Waves Heal the Wounded: Operation Surf 2015

By Mike Koslap and Michael Dalton

In HD Videos

June 21, 2015

Video Article

For the second consecutive year, CrossFit Inc. sponsored Operation Surf Santa Cruz, held April 21-27. The program serves wounded members of the military by allowing them the opportunity to rehabilitate through what some call a “healing” outlet: the ocean.

“Operation Surf is a weeklong recreational rehabilitation surf clinic when we bring out our wounded warriors in transition—men and women—that were primarily injured in combat in… Continue Reading

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Deadly Myth

By Andréa Maria Cecil

In ExPhysiology, Medical/Injuries

June 17, 2015

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Smart and athletic, Zyrees Oliver had a bright future washed away when widely accepted hydration advice ended up killing him. Andréa Maria Cecil investigates.

The words hung in the air: brain dead.

Only days earlier he was a strong, healthy, God-fearing 17-year-old who in little more than a year at his high school had become captain of the football team and boasted a 3.8 GPA. Zyrees Oliver planned to play college football… Continue Reading

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In CrossFit, Sports Applications

June 14, 2015

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Former Oakland A’s outfielder Danny Putnam creates a CrossFit training plan to keep ball players in top shape all year long.

A new element is affecting baseball culture and the rest of the professional sports world: fitness. While that might seem odd considering the physical nature of most sports, consider that some players get by only on great skill and sport-specific training but actually have glaring fitness deficiencies. Some less-than-fit athletes… Continue Reading

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In Coaching, Rest Day/Theory

June 11, 2015

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Exercise-science students and professors say learning how to become a coach happens in the gym—not in a lecture hall.

A dentist, an orthopedic surgeon and a personal trainer—you would expect formal education to teach them how to fill a molar, repair a ruptured tendon and teach a squat. But when it comes to personal trainers and coaches, college graduates with degrees in exercise science say the opposite is true.

Jack Langley is one of these graduates. During… Continue Reading

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Dehydrated and Dominant?

By Emily Beers

In ExPhysiology

June 09, 2015

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New study shows mild dehydration has no effects on athletic performance.

Researchers from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, have discovered new evidence that suggests being dehydrated doesn’t hinder athletic performance.

Stephen Cheung is the lead author of “Separate and Combined Effects of Dehydration and Thirst Sensation on Exercise Performance in the Heat,” published in the June 2015 volume of the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. The study… Continue Reading

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Mind Over Muscle-Ups

By Hilary Achauer

In Rest Day/Theory

June 08, 2015

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Scientists and meditation experts explain how focus and mindfulness can help athletes rise above burning discomfort to improve fitness.

On the surface, pain seems straightforward. You get poked with a sharp stick. It hurts. The end. Or you do Fran. Your burning quads and forearms force you to put down the barbell. The pain was too much.

As with many things involving the human body, pain—and our perception of it—is actually much… Continue Reading

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CrossFit Radio Episode 384

By Justin Judkins

In Radio

June 06, 2015

Audio Article

On Episode 384 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed regional champions Emily Abbott and Brooke Wells. This episode was webcast on June 4, 2015.

1:24 Last year, Abbott finished first at the Canada West Regional but said she wasn’t prepared for the CrossFit Games. In 2015, she’s confident she can better her 35th-place finish in Carson, California. The athlete from Alberta talked about the last year of training, touching… Continue Reading

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Virtuosity 8: Satisfaction

By Ubaid Naseem

In Athletes, Coaching

June 05, 2015

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With the CrossFit Games season ramping up, the focus is on the competition to find the Fittest on Earth. While the numbers on the leaderboard or the whiteboard certainly drive us to improve, many CrossFit athletes have learned they’re ultimately in competition only with themselves.

Ubaid Naseem, a business coach, found bitter disappointment after failing to complete a workout, but his CrossFit trainer reminded him complete effort is all that’s… Continue Reading

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