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Opening a Community by Dave Leys - CrossFit Journal

Opening a Community

By Dave Leys

In Affiliation, HD Videos

June 28, 2015

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Aptos, California, is located just south of Santa Cruz, where the first CrossFit gym was opened by CrossFit Inc. Founder and CEO Greg Glassman. A quiet beach community, Aptos was once one of just a few towns on the coastline of Santa Cruz County that wasn’t home to a CrossFit affiliate. That changed in January when Level 1 Seminar Staff member and longtime CrossFit athlete Zac Pine made his dream come true and opened CrossFit Aptos.

Prior to finding a location, Pine began to build the base of a community through beach and park workouts. Once he found a location, Pine and his friends and family spent countless hours getting the space ready for opening day. There were challenges along the way, Pine says, such as dealing with an old building with no studs in the wall. But hard work pays off, and the reward is an outstanding and growing community.

“That community feeling is there right from the get-go,” says member Chris Caris.

Member Colette Matthews agrees.

“(CrossFit Aptos) is definitely a place to come to and meet friends. … It’s definitely a big community,” she says.

The name “Aptos” is Ohlone, meaning “the people.” Quite fittingly, the people are what make CrossFit Aptos a community.

Video by Dave Leys.

13min 19sec

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2 Comments on “Opening a Community”


wrote …

Zac's workout way back in the day...2006:

Run (? Dist) 400M?
Pull Ups 20
Push Ups 30
Sit Ups 40
Air Squats 50

Was my introduction to CrossFit while I was on the East Side of Baghdad, S. of Sadr City in 2005/06. Nine years later and now I know the name of who inspired me to try this crazy methodology of Fitness. One day...I need to hit CF Aptos and thank Zac Pine in person.

Congratulations on the Affiliate!

V/r - Tim Hale (US Army, Ret.)


wrote …

Ceeeripes, I started smiling 20 seconds into this video and never stopped. Good for you, Zac and crew! Congratulations, your place looks amazing! Can't wait to drop in some day soon.

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