Perish the Thought

By Lon Kilgore

In ExPhysiology, Rest Day/Theory

June 25, 2015

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Lon Kilgore explains how the pressure to publish has created libraries full of useless exercise-science publications.

Why doesn’t exercise science answer even the most basic questions about creating fitness?

In answer, many publications in recent years have pointed out problems in exercise science. Some of these pieces have been written without an understanding of the inner workings of modern academia, while some are written from within the belly of the beast.

Although it’s tempting to lay blame for the shortcomings of the exercise-science field at the feet of university faculty, it’s not necessarily academics who are the sole problem. The modern university system has played a large part in whatever shortcomings exist, and a number of issues in modern academic administration have created the current perception that exercise-science publications are inadequate and even meaningless.

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wrote …

It would be nice to see some footnotes o a bit more explanation here. While I imagine what you've written is probably true, it's a pretty broad charge to levy without evidence to support it.

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