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Zone Meal Plans by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

Zone Meal Plans

By Greg Glassman

In Nutrition

June 23, 2015

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This article was originally published May 1, 2004, as “CFJ Issue 21: Zone Meal Plans.”

Practicing CrossFit without any regard to nutrition is similar to only having “one oar in the water,” according to CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman, who authored this article. Sound nutrition, obtained from a high-quality diet in optimal quantities—as determined by the individual—provides the necessary foundation for continued progress and maximum adaptations from the program.

Diet is paramount to optimizing human performance, and this article offers a comprehensive overview and start-up guide for implementing the Zone Diet, including definitions, charts and recipes.

CrossFit has been experimenting with portioning strategies for many years. With personal experimentation, the individual will eventually find an amount and ratio of foods that support the best performance. The Zone is a moderate starting point such that the tweaks will not be drastic for most adopters.

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6 Comments on “Zone Meal Plans”


wrote …

This is amazing. Thanks for reissuing this article. One reason is because lots of the new CrossFitters and journal readers might not sift through the original articles (although they should!) and because this widescreen format for some of the new articles is the best. IT looks so more refined now and such a nice piece of beauty delivered with paramount advice. Incredible how it sums it up so nicely. Good to have some pictures for each meal too. Well done HQ!

It's good to have a read of this article again. And this will aid in the Zone's rebirth amongst all the newcomers to CrossFit for many years more.

I wonder, will there be any more rebirths of a few classics from the past, i wonder... Wouldn't be a bad idea to do the 'issue 19' i think it was. What Is CrossFit. That'd be cool redone too!


Keep up the great work in the journal room. (And I'm holding in strong for you in your battles Russ (Berger) if you read this!)


wrote …

Just a question, I am a muscular male, but gain weight (unwanted) weight pretty quickly. Should I still go 5 block meals or maybe should I go 4 blocks?


wrote …

This is great but having trouble printing it large enough to see! I would be nice if the format supported printing on 8 1/2 x 11.


wrote …

Loved the remake... so awesome... my suggestions for future remakes:
1. A Beginner's Guide to CrossFit
2. Benchmark Workouts
3. The New Girls
4. Interval Generator
5. Getting off the Crack


wrote …

6. Metabolic Conditioning Glossary
7. What About Recovery

(Forgot about these two in my last comment)


wrote …

Last one last one...
8. Consistency Before Intensity

(In reality there's alot more articles that I would like to see remakes of)

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