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July 11, 2015

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Nick Evans and Matt Healey like to have fun.

That fun includes lifting in Speedos, handstand-walking across the street and dancing—lots of dancing.

The two coach at CrossFit Cronulla in Cronulla, Australia, a beachside suburb in southern Sydney.

The affiliate started in 2011 in Evans’ mother’s garage. Within a few months, it was growing so rapidly Healy and Evans asked their parents to co-sign a loan to obtain a larger space about five minutes from the ocean.

“We were just two young fellas giggling, signing the (paperwork),” Healey says. “But it’s all worked out pretty good. We’ve just tried our best, and we’re passionate about it and enthusiastic. From that, the business has grown.”

Their goal is to make sure people get fit while also having fun.

“You can still train as hard as you like and have a little bit of fun, as well,” Healey says. “At the end of the day, you’ve got to be having fun if you want to do well.”

CrossFit Cronulla member Casey Boonstra appreciates her coaches’ philosophy.

“It creates a good vibe,” she says. “It makes everyone not take it so seriously and be able to interact with each other.”

Member Matthew Lycakis agrees.

“They’re good entertainment,” he laughs. “They definitely make the classes more enjoyable.”

“We do feel like this isn’t a job,” Evans says. “We get to do exactly what we love.”

Video by Michael McCoy.

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