Dancing and Deadlifts

By Nikolaj Rønnow

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Masters athlete Karl Dyall owns CrossFit Solid in Stockholm, Sweden.

The son of a jazz musician, Dyall says show business has been a part of his life since birth. He started theater school at 5 and has since been a breakdancer, a martial artist and a band member. Dancing has always been the biggest part of his active lifestyle, he says.

After several injuries left him weak and unable to do everyday things such as hold his child, Dyall was forced to give up dancing and became depressed.

“I was in the way for my family. I was in the way for people around me. I was unreliable,” says the husband and father of three. “I couldn’t lift my youngest child. I wasn’t strong enough to be able to hold her in my arms. I was totally depressive. I had really dark dreams.”

When a friend introduced him to CrossFit.com, Dyall started slowly with body-weight and gymnastics movements. Soon after, he found himself pain-free and began to pursue the Sport of Fitness further.

Now, Dyall balances owning and running an affiliate, training for the CrossFit Games, and maintaining his passion for dance.

“I know I’m getting a lot of my energy from what I’m doing in the box,” he says.

Dyall will compete in his third CrossFit Games this July in Carson, California, after finishing eighth in the Masters Qualifier in the 45-49 division.

Video by Nikolaj Rønnow.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 253 by Justin Judkins, published Dec. 5, 2012.

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