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Living the Dream in Chile by Gary Roberts - CrossFit Journal

Living the Dream in Chile

By Gary Roberts

In Affiliation, HD Videos

August 20, 2015

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Some people want a huge house and fancy cars. Eduardo Aranguiz is happy living in a small loft above his affiliate, CrossFit BEF in Santiago, Chile.

“I am really happy living here,” he says. “I completed my dream.”

Aranguiz, who found CrossFit through YouTube videos from the 2008 CrossFit Games, traveled to Santa Clara, California, to meet NorCal CrossFit owner Jason Khalipa and obtain his Level 1 Certificate before opening his affiliate in 2014. Inspired by Khalipa’s success, Aranguiz wanted to learn from him.

Aranguiz captured what he calls “the essence” of CrossFit during his time in the United States, and now he’s sharing that spirit in the Chilean CrossFit community.

Video by Gary Roberts.

3min 45sec

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