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In HD Videos, Medical/Injuries

October 15, 2015

Video Article

Zack DeBaltzo is a coach and athlete at CrossFit Apogee in Gibsonton, Florida. The 29-year-old found CrossFit when a nearby barber suggested he give it a shot.

On DeBaltzo’s first day, affiliate owner Don Moss made him feel right at home—even with the oxygen tank DeBaltzo was carting beside him. DeBaltzo has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects the lungs and makes breathing difficult.

“I work out with oxygen,” DeBaltzo says… Continue Reading

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Dissecting the Squat

By Zachary Long

In Coaching, ExPhysiology, Exercises

October 13, 2015

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Zachary Long details three tests that will help you determine whether mobility or motor control is derailing your squat.

The squat is an essential movement pattern, but many lose the ability to perform a proper squat over time, and the movement must be retrained to allow them to perform daily activities such as standing from a seated position.

In the world of athletic development, the squat is the most important exercise for developing… Continue Reading

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El Animador de Adultos Mayores

By Andréa Maria Cecil

In Spanish

October 12, 2015

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Después de ver un anuncio en Craigslist, el dueño de CrossFit Salem Andy Bolliger tuvo éxito en desarrollar un programa de fitness para ayudar a los adultos mayores a mejorar su calidad de vida.

El baile de cuadrilla era su favorito. Pero mientras Bonnie Johnson envejeció, su equilibrio se volvió poco confiable. Ella comenzó a utilizar una andadera. Bailar cuadrilla con su esposo, Norman, ya no era posible. El verano del 2014, la pareja se… Continue Reading

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VO2 Max-Effort Lift

By Christian Larson

In ExPhysiology

October 10, 2015

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Once considered the gold standard of fitness, VO2 max is now just one aspect of athletic performance.

“By analyzing the amount of oxygen you consume, the (VO2 max) test determines how efficiently your body extracts and uses oxygen from the air. This makes it the gold standard of fitness markers, as well as a strong indicator of your overall health.”

That statement appeared in the April 21 Menshealth.com article “5 Health Tests That Could Save Your Life.”

Do you think it’s… Continue Reading

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Virtuosity 11: Dig In

By Jason Taylor

In Affiliation

October 07, 2015

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In the 11th edition of the Virtuosity series, Jason Taylor explains how a great gym inspires its members, who then pay it forward by inspiring each other to apply a rugged attitude to training and life outside the box.

Tough workout coming? Dig in.

Heading into a challenging situation at the office? Dig in.

Dealing with a family issue? Dig in.

CrossFit Inc. is sending Taylor US$500 for writing about the never-quit mentality that… Continue Reading

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Scaling CrossFit Workouts

By Jeremy Gordon, CF-L4

In Coaching, CrossFit

October 05, 2015

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Jeremy Gordon shares scaling strategies to help coaches ensure their athletes are getting exactly what they need from each session.

“Ahead of efficacy is safety.” —Greg Glassman, CrossFit Inc. Founder and CEO

Safely scaling workouts for a wide range of athletes without sacrificing attention to non-scaled athletes—it’s an essential CrossFit coaching skill. Effective scaling at an affiliate demands an understanding of CrossFit programming theory, awareness of your athletes’ capabilities and limitations… Continue Reading

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