Virtuosity 12: Reconnecting

By Jill Zamoyta

In Affiliation

November 24, 2015

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Jill Zamoyta finds friends and fitness help her rebuild the mind-body link that was severed when she was abused.

Just over a year ago, we asked members of the CrossFit community to tell us why they train where they train. We received a large number of submissions, and we published 12 of them from October 2014 to November 2015.

In those 12 articles, we heard about affiliate owners who inspire their members, communities that support friends at all times, and athletes who have used CrossFit to heal themselves mentally and physically, pay tribute to fallen friends, and learn more about themselves. Each article made it abundantly clear that CrossFit is much more than a fitness program.

In the final edition, Jill Zamoyta explains how abuse as a child led her to sever the connection between her mind and her body, but now she’s rebuilding it one rep at a time.

The Virtuosity call for writing submissions is now closed, but we’ll announce a new project soon. This time we’ll be looking for photo essays that tell a short story about CrossFit. Set your cameras to high resolution and stay tuned for details.

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