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December 19, 2015

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Nick Massie of brings us a traditional holiday classic with a twist. Turducken is delicious and a great centerpiece for your holiday table, and if you add bacon and butternut squash—well, jackpot.

Step 1: Prepare the “stuffing.” Massie’s stuffing is mostly bacon and butternut squash, but he notes you can use your favorite stuffing recipe instead. When it’s time to prepare the meat, Massie shares an easy way to remember which comes first: the chicken or the duck?

“If you need to know the order, just think tur-duck-en,” he says. “Turkey’s first, duck is second and chicken is last.”

After building layers of bird and stuffing, wrap it up, skewer it, tie it and bake it. In just about four hours you’ll have a holiday dish that will please the eyes and the palate.

To download the recipe for bacon butternut squash turducken, click here.

Video by Nick Massie.

3min 57sec

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