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Tom Robertson came to a hard realization as he approached his 70th birthday: He could no longer move around like he used to, and with a granddaughter on the way, he wanted to change that.

Robertson’s son Kyle was worried about him.

“We all like to delude ourselves when we’re losing capacity that we could still really do it if we had to,” Kyle says.

Finally, Tom admitted to himself that he needed help. He was no longer able to get up on his own, and that scared him.

“I said, ‘God, I need to do something … and I started CrossFit.’”

At first he was anxious about joining his son and daughter-in-law at CrossFit Santa Cruz, but then he realized the other members “are just regular people trying hard to get better.” For Robertson, his personal improvement included doing a burpee for the first time—and celebrating the accomplishment.

“I don’t have any doubt in my mind at all that if I hadn’t been working for the last four years the way I have, I would not be doing what I can do today,” he says.

Video by Dave Leys.

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Additional reading: “A CrossFit Grandma” by Mary Conover, published Oct. 1, 2004.

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wrote …

Nice job Tom. I'm a 60 year young cross-fitter & similar I stepped on a scale & didn't like what I saw. I have always been an athlete playing BB, running, & soccer refereeing, but what crossfit gave me was the fitness I was unable to achieve since my college footbal training years.

Have fun & work hard!

John C.

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