2015 Masters Competition: Parts 3 and 4

By Gary Roberts and Travis Cosentino

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February 14, 2016

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In this four-part series, Gary Roberts and Travis Cosentino make their rounds among the elite competitors in the Masters competition at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games. Watch highlights from the events, interviews with the athletes, and footage of the trash talk and words of encouragement that motivate some of the Fittest on Earth to push themselves harder than ever.

Parts 3 and 4 cover the final day of the competition. On their way to the stadium, the athletes talk about what they did to stay fresh after the five grueling events of the previous days. Diane McKinney, a competitor in the Masters Women 55-59 Division, says, “Gotta eat. Gotta eat to perform.”

Friends, family and fans cheer the athletes on as they head into the day’s first event, The Sandwich, an 80-calorie row followed by 40 shoulders-to-overheads and 80 deadlifts for time. Upon completion of the event, only the top 10 athletes advance to the final.

Part 4 follows the top athletes in each division into the last challenge. Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro takes the competition floor for the big reveal: “You’re going to do … the first event we ever did at the Home Depot Center.”

During Amanda, the athletes fight for muscle-ups, work to stabilize tired shoulders for squat snatches and calm their nerves during the tight race to the finish. Afterward, Castro reflects on how the level of fitness at the Games has changed over the years: “I know there were individuals who in their 20s five years ago … did not do it in five minutes. That is something special.”

Video by Gary Roberts and Travis Cosentino.

Part 3: 14min 34sec
Part 4: 14min 24sec

Additional audio: “CrossFit Radio Episode 117” by Justin Judkins, published Jan. 21, 2009.

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