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Patti: A Journey Toward Wellness by Jesse Kahle - CrossFit Journal
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After struggling with her health for years—surviving cancer and developing Type 2 diabetes—Patti Goldenson decided to turn her life around. Since joining CrossFit South Bay in Torrance, California, she’s lost 135 lb. and no longer needs to take diabetes medication.

Goldenson’s journey began after she broke her back at work. While she was in recovery, her physical therapist, Ron Satow, invited her to a contest at his gym. He was surprised when “she actually did show up” on a Saturday morning.

“She was prepared for a change,” Satow says.

Goldenson also remembers that first morning: “I went over there and sat in my car. I couldn’t get out. I was so scared. I wanted to go so bad, but I didn’t think I could.”

After overcoming the initial intimidation, she found a supportive community.

“There was also this energy there. It felt like people really cared,” she says.

Eventually she was able to quiet the inner voice that was telling her she couldn’t do it, and she kept coming back. Now she’s reclaiming her health and proving that great things are possible when you find the courage to make changes in your life.

“You have to accept where you are and start from there,” she says. “Everyone starts from where they’re at.”

Video by Jesse Kahle.

6min 53sec

Additional reading: “Sugar and Diabetes: Myths and Misleadings” by Brittney Saline, published Sept. 13, 2015.

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wrote …

I love this video. Patti, if you are reading this, please know that your story has been a life changing motivator for me. When I am feeling unmotivated or blue, thinking of what you said and of the courage and strength you have, gets me to the box. I'm a middle aged mom, never a rock-star athlete and hardly a poster girl for CrossFit. But as you said, this place "calms my heart" and "speaks to my soul". And it meets you where you are. I see so many people, especially women, give in to the aging of their bodies, far too soon. You prove that it does not have to be that way. We can all find joy through strength and a welcoming, kind, and supportive community. Thank you for sharing your story. Michele.

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