Do It Till You’re Dead

By Josh Bunch

In Nutrition, CrossFit

March 11, 2016

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Feel free to ignore health warnings. You have every right to do so.

My dad died in 2011, taken peacefully while he slept. That’s what the obituary said anyway. If I’d had it my way, he would have gone down swinging like the hero every boy imagines his father to be.

From a three-foot nightstand beside his twin bed, I took a pocketknife, left the digital alarm clock and overflowing ashtray, and threw away an unopened pack of Marlboro Reds. He was 58.

Along with an entire generation, my dad ignored the warnings and assumed everyone was overreacting. He was wrong. When members of my dad’s generation finally discovered the truth about smoking, they acted. They didn’t make cigarettes illegal, and they didn’t burn Big Tobacco like so many banned books. They wanted honesty: Tell consumers your shit hurts.

The goal was truth, not elimination. Let Americans smoke all they want, but make sure they know what they’re getting into, free from pretty packaging and superstar spokesmen. Big Tobacco is still here today, and if anyone wants to light up, he or she is free to do so. Exactly as it should be.

Like nicotine, sugar is addictive and is linked to a host of health concerns. That’s where CrossFit and affiliate owners like me come in. It’s our duty as fitness professionals to educate, free from the clever marketing and manipulated science of Big Soda and its supporters., a CrossFit-born initiative, isn’t trying to make Coke illegal or institute Pop Prohibition. We want the same thing my dad’s generation wanted all those years ago: full disclosure. A culture change.

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