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Euro Trip 2016 With Chris, Eric and Matt by Ian Wittenber - CrossFit Journal
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Chris Spealler, Eric O’Connor and Matt Chan are friends, former CrossFit Games athletes and members of CrossFit Inc.’s Seminar Staff. In this video, follow the trio as they teach the CrossFit Competitor’s Trainer Course at three locations in Europe.

The jet-lagged crew gets somewhat of a bumpy start in Geneva, Switzerland, as they try to traverse the revolving doors and parking-lot gates.

“I haven’t slept in at least 36 hours,” Chan says wearily.

Undaunted, they make their way to CrossFit GVA for the first seminar. Next up is Myleo CrossFit in Berlin, Germany, and finally CrossFit Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Spealler and Chan speak to how the course can benefit a variety of people, not just athletes striving for the CrossFit Games.

“Competitor’s courses—they’re much more valuable for a coach than most people think,” Spealler says.

Chan adds: “I think the lessons that we teach people can be applied towards a very beginner athlete to a very elite-level athlete.”

But it’s not all work. The trip is filled with banter about Spealler’s short stature, O’Connor’s small calves and Chan’s obsession with his pocket food scale.

Video by Ian Wittenber.

15min 55sec

Additional reading: “The High Road to Accreditation” by Nicole Carroll, published Nov. 9, 2015.

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2 Comments on “ Euro Trip 2016 With Chris, Eric and Matt”


Pavel Saenz wrote …

Awesome video. Ian always making great material.

How can one apply to host a Competitor Seminar?


wrote …

Enjoyed the video.

I was lucky, Chris and Eric were my Level 1 Trainers. I have a lot of respect for them, their abilities, coaching style, expertise, and willingness to teach those who want to learn.

Thanks for sharing....

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