Social Club

By Hilary Achauer

In Affiliation

May 02, 2016

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CrossFit affiliate owners discuss how to build a healthy schedule of get-togethers and events that will help grow and strengthen the community.

Affiliate owners give many reasons for opening a CrossFit gym: a love and passion for CrossFit, the thrill of owning a business, and a desire to build a community, among others.

Almost no affiliate owner ever opens a CrossFit gym because of a love of event planning.

However, many owners have discovered community events—from throwdowns to potlucks—are a vital part of a healthy gym. A thriving CrossFit community starts in the gym, but it’s strengthened and deepened in get-togethers that go beyond regularly scheduled classes.

Building a busy schedule of events doesn’t mean an affiliate owner has to turn into Cruise Director Julie. Here, affiliate owners share why they believe community events are an essential part of a successful affiliate and how others can create a robust roster of yearly events.

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