Barbells and Bonding

By Lindsay Schrock and Elliot Schrock

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June 15, 2016

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Stacy Geisler, a former basketball player seeking new ways to keep fit, was unsure about CrossFit after attending her first class at CrossFit Big D in Dallas, Texas. She was sore and—worse—afraid of the barbells.

Though she wanted to quit, she decided to stick it out for another week—and she started to see big changes that kept her coming back.

Now Geisler’s training sessions at Big D are a family affair. Her teenage daughter Annie has joined and says she can’t imagine her life without CrossFit.

Their coach, Chase Ingraham, says the two push each other. Instead of dropping Annie off at soccer practice or watching her from the sidelines, Stacy works out with her daughter—or her daughter comes in and tries to beat her mother’s scores.

“It’s something that they can share together, and not just on a personal level, but on an athletic level,” Ingraham says.

Video by Lindsay Schrock and Elliot Schrock.

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