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June 03, 2016

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Undefeated in litigation, CF-RRG continues to defend the CrossFit community and improve service to policyholders.

Since 2009, CrossFit Risk Retention Group (CF-RRG) has stood behind affiliates and trainers.

A community-owned insurance company, CF-RRG provides all insurance requirements in affiliate licensing agreements and fulfills CrossFit Kids requirements. CF-RRG also provides personal-trainer policies for independent Level 1 CrossFit Certificate holders.

Last year was very strong, and 2016 has already brought notable successes, making the future very promising for CF-RRG and its policyholders.

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3 Comments on “Strong Gets Stronger: CrossFit Risk Retention Group”


John McPherson wrote …

Thank you CrossFit RRG for having my back!


wrote …

As an original member I'd like to know what is meant by "we'll begin the process of returning $500,000 of contributions from our capital-raising efforts in 2008". Should I be expecting a check and if so how do I update my address?


wrote …

Great to see the decision to litigate rather than settle to prevent the "sharks smelling blood in the water" effect of showing plaintiffs' attorneys a settlement can be obtained on the back of a poor case.

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