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August 03, 2016

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It takes more than just a Level 1 Certificate to run a successful CrossFit affiliate. In this series, learn about the various ways affiliate owners and trainers evolve and plan as they work to lead the fitness industry.

In Part 9, the conversation continues as CrossFit Inc.’s Tyson Oldroyd discusses the importance of caring for your employees with Pat Burke of MBS CrossFit, CrossFit Verve founders Matt and Cherie Chan, Nicole Christensen of CrossFit Roots, and David Tittle of CrossFit Low Oxygen.

“How you treat (your trainers) is just as important as how you pick them,” Cherie says.

She adds: “It’s a job. They need sustainability and they need you to care for them just like you care for your athletes.”

Whether it’s health insurance or continued education, providing incentives for your trainers is important.

“A lot of facility owners are concerned that if they educate their trainers and continue to invest in their trainers, what’s to stop that trainer from walking away from this facility and starting their own?” Matt says. “All I have to say to that … is if they think they can walk away and reproduce the same product, then I’m doing something wrong.”

Oldroyd recognizes that treating your trainers well comes full circle.

“At the end of the day, taking care of (the trainers) in that way is also the right thing to do for the clients.”

Video by Mike Koslap.

5min 10sec

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1 Comment on “Affiliate Roundup, Part 9: “Caring For Your Employees””


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

I have a question if anyone can chime in.

In your experience, what usually comes first: paying coaches what they're worth or your gym making a comfortable amount of money?

The reason I ask is I have one other coach, and a few in training, and I really want to pay them more than I am now - they are worth it and they are good and believe in what we do. But we have a small gym and aren't making a lot of money yet. I'm just wondering if any of you have been in that situation and how you decided to pay the coaches.

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