Finding a Common Bond: Chriss Smith Jr.

By Mike Koslap and Jay Vera

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August 02, 2016

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Trident CrossFit founder Chriss Smith Jr.’s outgoing personality is a positive force at the affiliate in Alexandria, Virginia. He grew up in Leavenworth, Kansas, and traveled a lot since his father was in the military. He says it helped mold who he is today.

“Obviously, I’m a little bit shy so have trouble making friends—not.”

A retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Smith says words like “solidarity” come to mind when he reflects on his time in the service. When he left the Navy, Smith gravitated toward what he loves most—helping other people.

“Transitioning out of a military mindset to a civilian mindset is somewhat clunky, cumbersome,” he says.

CrossFit helped make the transition smoother.

“With CrossFit being a common bond of healthier lifestyle, great nutrition, good exercise plan—that’s a community that everybody can kind of latch onto and blossom from, or just be part of something that’s positive.”

Video by Mike Koslap and Jay Vera.

4min 26sec

Additional reading: “Staying in the Fight” by Mark Divine, published Sept. 12, 2011.

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1 Comment on “Finding a Common Bond: Chriss Smith Jr.”


wrote …

This video is so AWESOME!

this just shares the fact that CrossFit is so diverse and that anyone who would like to push themselves to do better in life using this strategy is not confinded by the norms of usual exercise routines and "the ways" of how exercise should be done.

Keep smiling and more power to Mr. Chriss Smith Jr.

BTW you sound like Chris Tucker which made it more entertaining for me! Cheers.

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