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Giant Heart

By Julie Buehler

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Super Bowl champ Mark Herzlich shares his inspirational story and talks about how CrossFit helped him regain his strength after battling cancer. Julie Buehler reports.

It was Super Bowl week in Indianapolis, and Mark Herzlich and his team, the New York Giants, were taking on the New England Patriots for a world championship. Microphones were shoved inches from his mouth, one removed only to be replaced with another. Personal questions rained on him… Continue Reading

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According to CrossFit Football trainer Raphael Ruiz, the No. 1 goal of a good football strength-and-conditioning program is to increase speed. The No. 2 goal is getting athletes to replicate that.

“Replicate speed, replicate speed, replicate speed,” says Ruiz.

“It’s a very, very difficult pill for us to swallow as gym rats because, oftentimes, how many of us have ever been going through a workout or WOD where you… Continue Reading

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