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Decade of Dominance

By Greg Glassman, Hilary Achauer, Andréa Maria Cecil, Mike Warkentin, Chad Schroeder

In Classic, CrossFit, CrossFit Games

July 10, 2016

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In 2016, we celebrate the 10th edition of the CrossFit Games—the ultimate proving grounds for the world’s fittest athletes.

On the pages of this special retrospective, you’ll find stories and images that explain how the Games grew from a small gathering of athletes in 2007 into an event that now fills stadiums and can be watched live on ESPN.

We’ve also provided a host of detailed stats and records that showcase the amazing… Continue Reading

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As Prescribed: San Diego

By Hilary Achauer

In CrossFit

July 09, 2016

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A guide to the best healthy eats, shops, bars and outside-the-gym workout spots in sunny San Diego.

San Diego has the highest concentration of CrossFit boxes in any metro area, so finding a CrossFit affiliate in the Southern California city is easy. But at some point we need to leave the gym—or so we’re told. If you find yourself in the sunny city just 18 miles from the Mexican border, we’ve got a… Continue Reading

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In CrossFit, Editorial

July 05, 2016

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The National Strength and Conditioning Association has announced its 2016 National Awards winners. Recipients, who are chosen for “outstanding achievement” in their field, will receive these awards July 8 at the 39th Annual NSCA National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This year’s award winners include two notable characters. The first is N. Travis Triplett, who will receive The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Editorial Excellence Award. Travis was the editor who… Continue Reading

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In Coaching, CrossFit

June 08, 2016

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Warning: Reducing intensity can be habit forming. Please consult your CrossFit trainer immediately.

You have to do Fran today.

Stop reading, close your eyes and really think about that for a moment.

Note the freefall feeling in your chest, the sweaty palms and the subtle changes in your breathing.

Now consider this statement:

You have to do Fran in less than 12 minutes today.

I bet you suddenly don’t feel… Continue Reading

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In Affiliation, CrossFit

June 03, 2016

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Undefeated in litigation, CF-RRG continues to defend the CrossFit community and improve service to policyholders.

Since 2009, CrossFit Risk Retention Group (CF-RRG) has stood behind affiliates and trainers.

A community-owned insurance company, CF-RRG provides all insurance requirements in affiliate licensing agreements and fulfills CrossFit Kids requirements. CF-RRG also provides personal-trainer policies for independent Level 1 CrossFit Certificate holders.

Last year was very strong, and 2016 has already brought notable successes… Continue Reading

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The Glassman Chipper

By Mike Warkentin

In Classic, CrossFit, Workouts

May 23, 2016

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When a pegboard showed up in Event 12 of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games, a lot of people were shocked.

That’s a weird reaction by any follower of a sport in which competitors sign up to face the “unknown and unknowable,” but it’s even weirder when you consider CrossFit’s Founder and CEO wrote about pegboards back in 2002.

In the second issue of the CrossFit Journal, Greg Glassman listed and sourced all the equipment a person would need to turn a garage into a “world-class strength and conditioning facility.” The article, … Continue Reading

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In CrossFit, CrossFit Games, HD Videos

May 10, 2016

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Chad Blanchard, 30, is headed to the 2016 Atlantic Regional after putting drugs and prison behind him.

Blanchard—a member of Nepa CrossFit in Plains, Pennsylvania—spent five years in jail for selling and using cocaine. He says the conviction was tough on his family, but they always remained supportive. While in prison, Blanchard saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN, and the competition piqued his interest.

“I remember going to the gym the… Continue Reading

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Hope for Rain

By Dallin Frampton

In CrossFit, Nutrition

May 06, 2016

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CrossFit funds construction of life-changing dam in Rabai, Kenya.

Since 2011, CrossFit Inc. and its affiliates have participated in starting and finishing school buildings, constructing pit latrines, nailing desks together, and celebrating success stories with community elders in various villages in Africa. Affiliates and CrossFitters around the world fund the projects by donating through Hope for Kenya.

This recent trip, CrossFit’s 12th expedition, was… Continue Reading

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