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Play Nice With Others

By Dale Saran

In Legal

March 30, 2012

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Dale Saran explains how courtesy and hard work trump piggyback advertising techniques.

So, you wanna be a CrossFit affiliate, eh?

I remember the salad days of being a CrossFit affiliate, circa early 2008. There were maybe a few hundred affiliates. I was the first—and only—CrossFit affiliate in Rhode Island. I didn’t have to worry about competitive advertising, Google AdWords, website metatags, being undercut by another affiliate… Continue Reading

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In CrossFit, Legal

March 02, 2012

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CrossFit Inc. wins victory over cybersquatter illegally selling domain names.

Last year, CrossFit Inc. won a court judgment against T&M Enterprises Inc., a Washington state company, for registering over 350 domain names containing the word “CrossFit.” T&M, a company owned by a Mr. Tal Moore, also sells gumball machines and barbershop poles.

Moore and T&M had scooped up 370 domain names containing “CrossFit” and had been selling them illegally to CrossFit… Continue Reading

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