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Seniors and Kids by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

Seniors and Kids

By Greg Glassman

In Basics

February 01, 2003

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We get email asking about the appropriateness of our program for your kids but even more concerning your parents and grandparents – our seniors. Let’s start with them.

The needs of the elderly and professional athletes vary by degree, not kind. Where one needs functional competency to maintain independence, the other needs functional mastery to maintain dominance. Improved hip capacity will help a pro ball player’s throw to first; it will also reduce the chances of grandpa falling in the tub. The squat is the perfect tool for both.

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wrote …

This artical struck a chord with me. When I was in Chiropractic school a Doc was lecturing on biomechanics and we were talking about power and forces that need to be generated and distributed in the lower extremity. Conversation soon moved to the extreme ends of the spectrum. The Doc was a CSCS who is affiliated with the olympic training center. I had just sat for the CSCS, So I was listening with interest. He was speaking about the huge power generated by the lifters and I asked about the power generated by the elderly when rising from the couch. He said that is not power. Which left me with out words for a moment. I was first blown away that a guy this high up in the lifting community would be so narrow in his thinking. In any case I ended up arguing the point with him trying to make the case that you stated so well in your article. Thanks for the ammunition. I wish I had it at the time. I use the air squat with almost all of my back patients for rehab it is increadibly effective.
Keep up the good work.
John Asthalter
Movement is the key to life, the minute you stop moving you start dying, So GET OFF THE COUCH!!!

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