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Welcome to the CrossFit Journal 3.0! by Tony Budding - CrossFit Journal

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September 01, 2008

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You've probably already noticed the new appearance, but that's not all that's changed. Articles will now be published individually on a continual basis here to this site, instead of emailed collectively as monthly issues. This will allow for shorter editorial lead-time and a greater opportunity for discussion and debate within the CrossFit community. Secondly, the entire CrossFit Journal back catalog is now available for subscribers. That's right, every article ever published in the Journal is now archived on this site for your discovery and study.

This article has all the details on the new design, downloading articles, comments, and publishing frequency. Just click on the the PDF article link listed under "Free Download" to the right of this article.

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50 Comments on “Welcome to the CrossFit Journal 3.0!”


wrote …

It's a honor to be the first person to comment on the new website. I think it's awesome and a testament to one of the central themes of Crossfit: Always trying to improve, always trying to become better. While my internet connection here in Iraq is less than reliable, I look forward to coming home and enjoying the new site regularly and in it's entirety!!! Hooahh


wrote …

I appreciate the effort to remain on the cutting edge of publishing quality information on functional fitness. The idea of having all of the past articles in a one-stop location online with comments is great.
What I don't appreciate is having to check back on a regular basis throughout the month to see what's new. I realize that most of the community is spending more time online, but I am personally trying to minimize my time online when I am away from work. The increased human interaction with my family is higher on the priority list than spending time online learning and discussing functional fitness. I realize that I am in the minority on this issue, but felt strongly enough about it to post my thoughts. In fact, my son has just crawled out of bed and I need to sign off.

All the best,


wrote …

I think having access to all of the old journal articles is great. Thank you for that!


wrote …

Format looks great, but have to agree with Gordo... looked forward to the 1st of each month where I could download a pdf, then print it out and read it at leisure, or at least read an article here and there as a few spare minutes became available. Rather than have to check it periodically, is there a email notification system that could be available to notify subscribed members as articles appear?


wrote …

This is outstanding -- a quantum leap forward. The concept, design, and execution are all bang on. Congratulations.

Just a couple of nits to pick. Please find a way to feature the most recent articles more prominently. Unless I missed something, clicking on the first button on the left nav bar (labelled "home - new and featured journal content") yields some, but not all, new content. To find all the new content, users have to click on the "chronology - browse content by publish date" button.

So you have "buried" three new video articles by having them available under the "chronology" button but not the "new" button. Readership may suffer. The principle here is that most users understand "new content" to mean "all new content"

OTOH, how long is a "new" article new? You don't want 15 or 20 articles in this space. I do agree with the idea of combining new and featured articles on one page.

Let me suggest a counter-intuitive idea. Update the site only once a week, say on Fridays. And keep reminding users of the updates every Friday at So your marketing approach becomes: "more, better, faster - CrossFit Journal goes weekly to serve you better!"

* Post a one line link on the front page of for "this week's Crossfit Journal Updates" and have it lead to the "home-new and featured content" page. All new content would live under "new" section of the page for one week. After that, it could move to the featured section of the page if you wanted to highlight it for a bit longer. There would be no change to the current "chronology" page.

* An even simpler fix would be to have the link from lead directly to the "chronology" section. (But that doesn't fully address the "new" v. "all new" issue.)

The most important thing I learned in several years of online publishing was the value of schedules and regularity. Unless you are doing breaking news, readers will check out a "rolling update" site a few times -- then you risk losing them forever. So I take very seriously the views of poster above who doesn't like the idea of having to check back constantly to find out what's new. It's hard to re-train readers. So why try? Just commit to publishing 4-5 new articles a week. Remind readers every week. And make the articles easy to find.

Just my $0.02 worth...


wrote …

I agree. I am not crazy about having to re-check everyday for new articles. The old format was much better.


wrote …

I am on the site quite often. I like that I won't have to wait until the beginning of the month to see the new articles.

I also believe this format will make it much easier to access information on specific topics when I am researching them.

Thanks and God Bless!


wrote …

This is great! I was not that happy with the acrobat format. The ability to read new articles via RSS is key. Anyone worried about having to recheck for new articles should get an RSS reader.


wrote …

This is awesome. I agree with Jonathan Millett, having all of this as an RSS feed is fantastic. Also, all of the back issues for free... I'm going to be digging through those articles for weeks.


wrote …

Love the new format + old article searching... however it was so great to get something each month I could print out. Maybe you could have an option to send all of the previous month's articles as one big .pdf each month, like a digest view. An RSS feed would be great too.

Keep it up!


Pavel Saenz wrote …

This is simply GENIOUS!


wrote …

I like it alot. Keep up the good work guys



wrote …

Ok progress is good, it is great to have access to all the old journals, however:

-this month has only 2 new articles? I went to "Chronology",I'm assuming thats how we can find the new stuff. Why not just have a link to "new articles"and then store them by date?
If I am missing something obvious please someone point it out,it sucks to go from last months 10 or so articles to only 2...even if the old journals make up for some of it...


Adam Kayce wrote …

Too true; this is fantastic. Thanks, everyone, for your amazing work here.

An RSS feed would be great too.

Check the footer, Noah... there's a link on the left.

Note to the admins: And by the way, a nice move would be to use Feedburner to host the site's RSS feed; it's free, and it makes it easy for people to subscribe to site updates via email. (My guess is that a fair number of folks here don't know RSS from CSS, and yet email is pretty ubiquitous...)

Now I'm off to read through the 15 pdf's waiting for me on my desktop... woo hoo!


John Velandra wrote …

While I'm not hip on the new format - I enjoy having the full journal at my fingertips, I can live with it. It just takes getting used to.

What I DO have a problem with is that we've waited a whole month and the only thing we have is two articles... nothing of use at the present. At least with the old pdf style, we had a journal of immediately accessible information on the first of the month. Now... nadda. We have to wait.

On one hand, great cutting edge stuff. On the other - not too happy


Billy Howard wrote …

I think this new setup is way better. For all of those complaining about not being able to print it out all at once and read it, they are just being lazy. They can still wait 30 days from now and print out all the pdfs and read them with their newspapers if they want to do it that way.


wrote …

The whole idea is to move from a static to a dynamic publication...with new articles added all the time..and useful "related content" links...and indexing by subject. Any article can be printed at any time. Stop thinking of the Journal as a print magazine that happens to be delivered on the web. It's a bit like complaining that the problem with the new-fangled horseless carriages is that you miss hitching up the horses.

Some of my earlier post was in error. I was confused by the fact that on Day One "The What's New - Most Recent Articles" included two new articles and three legacy ones from the August 2008 edition of the old version of CJ. This will quickly sort itself out.

But I still think it would be useful to update only once a week, with reminders that "this week's CrossFit Journal" is now available delivered via and possibly email. "CrossFit Journal Now Published Weekly" is an easy concept to grasp.


Andreas Agas wrote …

Just what we've all come to expect from CrossFit: Great website, great information, and MORE than what we paid for when we signed up for the journal. Congratulations on a terrific new site.


wrote …

I'm also a bit disappointed. I really look forward to downloading a complete "journal" on the 1st of every month. Just like getting a magazine subscription in the mail. Now, I have to check back all the time to see if there are any new articles.

Also, there are no real new articles today, the 1st. So, I have no new and exciting Crossfit stuff to read. It might have been better to have a handful of really good articles available for the first day. Now, effectively, I have a password to "version 3.0", but don't have anything to read. Bummer..


wrote …

Although I like having access to the old stuff, I feel a bit cheated not having my complete magazine on the first of the month. So basically, you guys are saying that you spent all your time in August making the new site, and have no new content for September?.... I probably won't be renewing if I have to check every few days to see if something is new. I like the 'archived' content in one .pdf or journal.

Are we all getting our subscriptions extended for a month since there won't be anything substantial added in here until October?

Maybe it should be newly names "CrossFit Updates" instead of "CrossFit Journal" -_-

Also, why isn't my username being used for comments instead of my first and last name? Highly unusual considering privacy issues.


wrote …

Not crazy about the new format. I liked copying the pdf journal onto my flash drive and reading it at work when I had some goof off time.


wrote …

Wow, people do really like to bitch.

-sign up for the RSS feed (very bottom of the page on the left). You'll be automatically notified when new articles come out. Theoretically you can spend less time online by checking and viewing only the articles you have an interest in.
-people are really complaining about not having ~10 new articles TODAY. Go back and read the literally hundreds of articles you now have complete access to, without having to pay for them individually. I'm sure more new articles will show up soon.
-print out the articles as they show up. Keep a loose leaf binder. Shove them in there as they show up. Now you have a collected reading source. If you weren't interested in the article, now you don't have to print it.

I personally like the new format.
-I had to chop up and paste together article series. The new format will simplify that for me.
-All my archiving issues have been solved. I don't have to keep multiple backups for fear that my precious back issues will be lost.
-I don't have to tell people to buy certain back issues/articles. Get a subscription and you get them all.
-Comment feature is great. The subscriber-only commenting should encourage a higher quality discussion w/ fewer trolls and general idiots.

Thank you to all the CFJ staff for their dedication and hard work.


wrote …

Nicely done Tony! Love the new format!


wrote …


You kick ass. This format kicks ass. It may take a bit of getting used to for some folks, but I believe it will be very, very well received by the vast majority of users.

Keep up the good work. Tell your better half hello for me and I hope you two had a blast on your honeymoon!


wrote …

Some of the comments are just strange. The new format is incredible. Its like someone just gave you a MacAir and youre bummed out cause its faster, lighter, cooler, more intuitive than your 2 year old PC. I love zipping around, doing the search, adding a live was so cool I screwed up the timing of a workout and meal this am :-)

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but let it marinate a bit. Has the blog become the internet equivalent of a soapbox? C'mon folks this rocks. THe new journal is metaphorically like a CF embraces the CF philosophy. I expect CF to continually create intense, varied innovations that can keep up with their research and programs.



wrote …

I too prefer the once a month journal format.


Adam Noble wrote …

I like the new format, especially the ease of searching. I can log in and read when ever. Cool.


wrote …

I like the new set-up. Good job to all the crossfit staff.

Semper Fi,



wrote …

Wow...this seems to be a phenomenal change. I appreciate the work that is put into making Crossfit better.


William Fairchild wrote …

The new format is great! Access to previous articles is just what I've been wanting. My subscription ends this month but I will definitely be re-upping!


wrote …

No matter how long and extensively I use the internet, I am still a huge user of hard copy magazines and newpapers. For me, getting the journal on the first of the month was always an anticipated treat. This September 1st, I was sorely disappointed...there was no journal!

I hopefully searched through the new 3.0 site digging for a sign of a journal, but alas, ended up just loosing 2-3 hours of sleep searching through the endless links and articles to tonnes of videos and pdfs that I had taken for granted in previous viewings of the hardcopy journal...then it suddenly struck me as I turned out the light and set my alarm 15 minutes later than usual to catch some "more" sleep... this is ingenious!!!

Everything I ever wanted to now about CrossFit but was too lazy to look for is now constantly available without shuffle through hundreds of pages of wasted trees!

Thanks Greg and everyone else for this incredible in God's name am I supposed to get enough sleep to train anymore??? Ya, thanks alot!


wrote …

BTW, any chance of an advance search by author?


wrote …

I am going to miss the old journal. Bring back our e-zine.


Shoot, I liked Tony Blauer before... now I love the guy.

Seriously, to all the "I liked it better before" folks: give it a month. I can't imagine you won't be blown away, just like with everything else CF.


wrote …

I was a bit torn about the new format because I too liked to print out and bind each month's Journal. I have a really nice pile of professionally bound journals in my living room that guests can peruse at their leisure (no BH&G for me!). However, when CF started adding more and more video's the printed journals, while still nice and pretty on my coffee table, left a little to be desired for the reader as the best articles and how-to's were now in video format. Now, with this new 3.0 format the game has changed significantly! Like anything new, though, it takes some getting used to but in the end its all pretty cool! I would think that the new format lends itself better to mobile phones too as you can load individual articles and not the entire journal.

As for the missing September articles, it was stated in the welcome PDF that we should expect to see new articles every few days so I dont feel cheated. Besides it takes me a few days to read a few articles during my free time anyways.

Here's to the future.


wrote …

I really enjoy the new format and the ability to review all the previous journals.

Excellent work guys!!!!

I have always prided myself on seeking new information or learning something new daily and now I have another source that is sure to educate me or peak my interest.

As always, Constantly Varied!

Wayne L


wrote …

Interesting format and I like the ease of searching for previous articles which is especially helpful if you have a particular interest you are chasing down. I much prefer having the monthly journal format although bi-monthly or even weekly, posted on Friday, for example would be better.

The only other blog that I pay for content publishes every Friday with great content. It is something I look forward to each week just like I looked forward the CFJ once a month.


wrote …

I don't like this new format. I liked getting a monthly journal which was very convenient to read at my leisure. I could print out the journal in full, or just a few articles. And here we are, Sept. 2, and there are no articles to read. Disappointing....


wrote …

I like the new format and LOVE the fact I can access the past articles with my current subscription.

However I can't find some of the videos that were preveiwed on the main page and advertised as part of the September 2008 Journal. As I have read comments posted here I began to understand that the articles will be posted throughout the month which is cool to me because I can have something to look forward to without waiting the entire month. The only thing is I had my hopes up and was looking forward to the video articles that aren't posted yet. Is there any way to let us know when the advertised articles will be publised. Guess I'll have to wait.

Overall, I love the site!


wrote …

I am not thrilled with this new format either. I like to print out the issue, and disect it at the gym. Can't do that with a desk top!


wrote …

The new format will take some adjusting to. I just want to throw out there that I enjoyed having a PDF of all the articles that I could print out on the first of the month and keep to read at my leisure. I personal train for a career and having access to the internet during the day can prove to be a challenge. And at night, well, unless I want to be disowned by my family, my online time needs to be limited. Is there a way to compromise and have the best of both worlds?



I like the new design, and I love the fact I can have articles come in through the RSS.

But I still request that a PDF of all monthly articles be made available. Sometimes the only time I have to really enjoy my reading (rather than the quick "just get all the info" from RSS) is on the train-- where I have no internet but have my EeePC.


wrote …

Although the CFJ web page looks great, if given an option I'd choose the old format. I used to print out the Journal and leave it in my "privy". By the end of the month I'd have it read cover to cover and would go to the web to view any videos I was interested in. Now I have to be at my computer to read it. It's another web site I don't have time to browse.


wrote …

Fantastic job, it would be cool if you also could do searches by author. Searching for "Mark Rippetoe" only gives us 8 articles.


replied to comment from Shane Jordan

I would have to agree with Shane and others. I love the new site, and the feature of having all the previous articles at my finger tips. If I were home in the states this would be great, because I have broadband internet, and spend a dedicated amount of time at my computer. Here in Afghanistan, my internet is spotty at best and many times already have not been able to log in because my connection times out.

I had really gotten into the first of the month jitters waiting for the new Journal, and this month in particular I was looking for the second part to the snatch training videos. I don't have an affiliate here to consult, or any kind of weight lifting coaches, so these videos, and the others on the main site are all I have to try and teach myself many of these movements. Oh well, as others have said, I guess I will just have to wait.


wrote …

Its great having access to all the old journals but I'd saved all of them anyway.

I'd have to agree that I much prefer the old format. Printing out the pdf and reading it on the train commute to work was much more time efficient and allowed me to then chose the videos I wanted to watch when i had time.


replied to comment from Noah Marble

I am finding myself agreeing with the monthly newsletter which can be printed out and then read 'offline.'
But, I also like the ability to go back and look back at articles, and do further research in the current format.
The monthly format reinvigorates me, the depth of the current format keeps me going.
I do not like the idea of having to come back in to search whether or not something new might have been added.
Is there a way that the recent month's articles could be collated, so that I could view them together? Many blogs do this as one way of organizing them.
If you could do both--which may be a lot to ask for--then you've truly hit the next level.


Kevin LaCoste wrote …

I just came across this comment in the forums and thought it would be a nice improvement to the 3.0 version of the journal. I really like what you guys have done so far (especially the RSS feed) and would like to see this implemented too.

I've seen this type of comment system implemented on blogs before and it seems like the right way to go. You can see an example of it in action here...


Kevin LaCoste wrote …

The preview function displays line breaks differently then the actual comments page. Just so you know...


wrote …

It would be cool if there was a "remember me" box you could check when you login.

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