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Analysis of the Transition by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

Analysis of the Transition

By Mike Burgener

In Olympic Lifts, Reference, Videos

February 20, 2009

Video Article

Coach Mike Burgener is one of the top Olympic Weightlifting coaches in America. In this clip from his CrossFit Oly cert on May 24, 2008, he analyzes the transition from the first pull to the second pull.

There are three pulls in weightlifting. The first pull is the positioning pull. The second pull is the explosive jump to full extension. The third pull is the aggressive pull-under against the bar into the receiving position. There is also a transition (or scoop) from the first pull to the second pull.

The body’s angles and positioning will vary significantly by body type for the first pull. But, by the end of the first pull and into the transition, almost all successful cleans and snatches look the same. The key, though, is to focus on positioning the bar properly (first pull) and jumping aggressively (second pull). The transition will take care of itself.

The jump in weightlifting is only high enough to slip a credit card under their shoes. Upward momentum must be created on the barbell, but any excess height delays getting under bar and leads to miss lifts.

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wrote …

I found the poster that they show in this clip with a google search. It was just under $30 with shipping and it has the snatch and clean side by side. (work/family safe link)


wrote …

glad to hear that reinforced as I have seen people jump about 5" off the floor and noticed on tapes of myself that I am barely leaving the ground.

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