Inspirational at 69

By Jacinto Bonilla

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July 04, 2009

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This video from Again Faster is the first part of a profile Jacinto Bonilla, a 69-year old Level 2 CrossFit trainer who competed in last year’s CrossFit Games.

“He’s obviously not from this planet. But he keeps up a good façade and everyone thinks he’s from this planet,” says Hari Singh, co-owner of CrossFit NYC. Few suspect Jacinto’s age when they first meet him.

A much-beloved figure at the The Black Box in New York City, Jacinto is no pushover. Jacinto is a stickler for form who motivates his clients to work harder and achieve more than they thought possible. He can hang with firebreathers decades his junior, but gets a lot of satisfaction from training clients who are older or more de-conditioned than most CrossFitters.

Jacinto is retired radiographer. He has always followed a workout regimen and paid attention to his diet, believing nutrition is the key to success in fitness. Jacinto has been very fit for a very long time. Everyone says they want to be like Jacinto when they grow up.

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19 Comments on “Inspirational at 69 ”


wrote …

10/10 for being awesome!

What an inspiration!


Herm Blancaflor wrote …

I wanna be like Jacinto when I grow up too!!! Awesome role model!


wrote …

Great movie!

Jacinto turned 70 yesterday, check out his annual birthday WOD (called JacintoStorm) at


wrote …

Jacinto, you are amazing. I certainly echo the sentiments of everyone else. I want to be like you when I grow up. Keep doing what you are doing! Awesome video.


wrote …

Just got home from Jacinto's 70th Birthday party. Had the pleasure of watching him slug it out w/ his Birthday WOD on a broken foot no less. He's a warrior indeed and the embodiment of Crossfit. Happy Birthday, brother.


Allison Bojarski wrote …

I just got back from Jacinto's 70th birthday party, too. I get the pleasure of working with Jacinto on a daily basis at the Black Box and I'm glad the rest of the CrossFit world will get to know him a little bit better from these videos.

He inspires me to work out harder, to be a better trainer, and to live a joyful, meaningful life. There's really nothing else I could ask for in a fellow teacher and friend. Thank you, Jacinto.


Jeff Barnett wrote …

This video is truly a joy to watch--gives inspiration to us all. Many times when talking with the uninitiated about CrossFit (and nutrition specifically) I'll have someone say that life just wouldn't be as fulfilling for them if they didn't (insert voracious eating activity here) on a daily basis, or if they took an hour during their day to focus on physical fitness. I always reply, "My grandfather smoked two packs of Viceroys a day. He died at age 65 when I was 13. I think it's going to be fun to go jogging with my grandkids and see what they become in adulthood. I think that will be fulfilling, and make everything else worth it." Jacinto is proof that it can happen.


wrote …

Jacinto, you are such an inspiration for all of us!


Keith Wittenstein wrote …

Awesome video. Too bad you weren't there to videotape Jacinto's birthday party. It was an amazing showing from all the New York affiliates. Jacinto is a great friend and a great inspiration.


wrote …

Amazing man, and an inspirational video!


wrote …

Just simply awesome!


wrote …

My only regret...that I didn't push harder and finish the Jacinto Storm faster. Watching him suffer through that workout on his broken foot is pure inspiration. Anytime something I've been asked to do in the Marines has sucked, I reinforce myself with a mental image of Jacinto doing it faster and with better form. Great seeing/meeting everyone at CFSB Saturday morning, especially MSgt Tony.


wrote …

Thank you all for the wonderful comments


wrote …

Absolutely Amazing, Jacinto is my inspiration for the next 40 years, at least. He looks awesome, and its funny to think of the low percentage of persons above 45 yrs of age that look that great.



wrote …

I had the pleasure of meeting Jacinto back in october '08 for the level 1 cert. He's the nicest person you can meet.


wrote …

I'm 42. Now I am looking forward to WODs at 70. Thanks and happy birthday Jacinto.


wrote …

I met him in May at CFNYC. I thought he was 45?
He's legit.
I did 30 muscle-ups for time, for my first time, under his watch. I wont forget it. Thanks CrossFit for more awesome memories.


wrote …

Recently saw David at CF SO. Brooklyn, got the "Warrior" Tee with Jacinto's pic on the front. Jacinto, you're the epitome of CF brother. Happy Birthday!


wrote …

It's true: Jacinto is NOTW. What Spirit...

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