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Motivating Tommy: The Ding SLC Series Part 5 by Tommy Hackenbruck, Miranda Oldroyd and Rory McKernan - CrossFit Journal

Motivating Tommy: The Ding SLC Series Part 5

By Tommy Hackenbruck, Miranda Oldroyd and Rory McKernan

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April 28, 2010

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When you’re the second-fittest man in the world, you have to find ways to stay hungry and motivated. It isn’t feasible to fly in Mikko Salo or Jason Khalipa every weekend to hit a few competitive WODs, so top Games athletes are always in need of strategies to drive them to their limits.

Visiting 2009 CrossFit Games runner-up Tommy Hackenbruck via the Southwest Airlines Ding program, Tony Budding looks to push the former football linebacker to a great performance with some creative programming.

Tommy is a great athlete who has good reason to expect to finish first in most of the WODs he does. To avoid any complacency, Budding sets up a WOD where the owner of Ute CrossFit goes up against Miranda Oldroyd and Rory McKernan—with the latter athletes on a special rep structure.

Three rounds of:
20 Burpee pull-ups
20 Front squats (185/105 lb.)
20 Box jumps

At least that’s what Hackenbruck did … .

10min 34sec

Additional reading: Motivating Athletes by Dave Tate, published Aug. 14, 2009.

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11 Comments on “Motivating Tommy: The Ding SLC Series Part 5”


wrote …

Can anyone else not help smirking when Rory does bicep curls during the intro segment?


wrote …

Ha Ha. Nice one.

Please put Miranda in every video. Thanks. :)


replied to comment from William O'Brien

Or, how about when he power cleans his carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment on the plane...priceless!


wrote …

Can someone help me out whith the song in this video?


wrote …

Yes I agree with #4; can you please post the artist and name of the song in the video?
Great motivation for the 2nd fittest man; thanks for the inspiration.


wrote …

Yes, could we please get the song.


wrote …

Seems Tommy Hackenbruck has wrist-pain, seeing him doing the pushups on his fists. Same here, bummer but good to know it happens to the fittest men alive, too ;) on the other hand it's basically just more range of motion so all the better, right?


Stephen Wakefoose wrote …

I tried to decipher the lyrics to google at least but can't get a grip on them. I thought the same thing,..well 1st I was like Miranda yum then i was like rocking song. Anyone...? Somone?


wrote …

Mmmm.. Miranda


wrote …

Great idea Tony, by Playing with Tommy's mind. Thats a great way to push fire breathers.


replied to comment from Greg Morrison

I believe the song is Hey Hey (Rock On), by the Hot Rocks.

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