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The CrossFit Celebrity by Mikko Salo - CrossFit Journal

The CrossFit Celebrity

By Mikko Salo

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July 10, 2010

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Poor Mikko Salo: the 2009 CrossFit Games champ can’t get a moment to himself. Whether Sevan Matossian is following him around and documenting his every move, or whether he’s just trying to get in a lift at the gym, all eyes are on the man from Pori, Finland. Luckily for us, he’s a good sport.

In this quick interview with Salo, the defending champ briefly covers his current training regimen, giving insight into volume, intensity and rest periods. Find out what’s working for the World’s Fittest Man.

7min 23sec

Additional reading: The Quick Lifts: Start Here by Bill Starr, published May 8, 2010.

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10 Comments on “The CrossFit Celebrity”


wrote …

Go Mikko!

Du har Sveriges stöd i spelen.


Richard Meurk wrote …

Kötta Mikko!


wrote …

I like how Mikko says he isn't obsessed with setting pr's on his lifts.

Cheering for him at the games.


wrote …

Stud! The competition this year is going to be incredible!


wrote …

Miko is such a great athlete, yet so humble. I wish him best of luck for the games.


wrote …

I have to quit watching Mikko vids with my wife.Im sure she'd hit the road with him if she had the chance.!!


replied to comment from Doug Robertson

Doug, my wife said she would run off in an instant with Mikko! Ha Ha Ha Ha!


wrote …

It is going to be a great 3 days of awesome competitions. I don't know who to pick but Mikko is one of my favorites.


wrote …

remember Mikko in 2009 never butterflied his pull-ups, had awful technique in wall-balls, kettlebells, and double-unders - he still destroyed the competion. I really hope he can make it to the top this year too!


wrote …

I personally think that all of those people watching should go pick up a bar themselves and quit bugging Mikko. I'd be pissed if I had a bunch of people hovering over me while I was training.

Aside from that, Mikko is a beast. Although he didn't reach the podium this year. He is still very impressive altogether.

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