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Behind the Games: Part 3 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Behind the Games: Part 3

By Sevan Matossian

In CrossFit Games, HD Videos

August 15, 2010

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Sevan Matossian’s Behind the Games continues to show you the other side of the story from the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.

This third installment covers the last day of the competition as the field is narrowed and the competitors are put through the final secret workouts that will help determine the world’s fittest athletes.

Follow Matossian deep into the Cone of Silence where the athletes were secluded before walking onto the HDC floor to discover their last tests.

For the live-stream archive of the 2010 CrossFit Games, click here.

Part 3: 37min 35sec

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Additional reading: Final Results: Individual Competition.

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44 Comments on “Behind the Games: Part 3”


wrote …

no pic , only comentary. what am i doing wrong ??!


wrote …


As usual your work is fantastic. What a privilege it was to compete with such great athletes and these videos are going to serve as a reminder of how much fun we all had that weekend.

Rob O


wrote …

No video, just audio on the iphone version.


wrote …

Awesome videos. I really want to know why there weren't gymnastic mats underneath the rope climb...very lucky that no one got seriously injured falling from the top


wrote …

Same issues with me.. Only Audio??? Any ideas???

Love the coverage!!


wrote …

Same here, no video on quicktime version.


wrote …

Great inside look at the Games. Love the grape toss at the end.


wrote …

I am only getting audio too...


wrote …

More please.


wrote …

Amazing video-series Sevan. Your work is always quality.


wrote …

I will be sad if this was the last one...


wrote …

audio only for iphone version, windows version has audio and video


wrote …



wrote …

Awsome work Sevan & good catch at the end of the video.


wrote …

got it ! great job sevan as always. i look forward to every vid you make. many thanx.


wrote …

why cant i see the vid???


wrote …

Personally, I loved the vids of each workout last year. Not saying that these aren't as good for other reasons, but I just happened to like that format.


wrote …

Great question Ryan. I think a lot of people are wondering that. The lack of mats is inexcusable. Competitions, first and foremost, should be as safe as they can be for the competitors. You can build all that other crap, but can't get some pads out? Ridiculous.


wrote …

Just awesome work Sevan... I am blown away... Sad to see it end...



wrote …

Great work Sevan! and thanks for an Awesome weekend... =)

Annie Th


wrote …

Awesome! It was a pleasure getting to know you a few weeks ago Sevan and always excited to see what you come out with.

Thanks for all your efforts and perspectives.



wrote …

I'm going to second the "where the hell are the safety mats under the rope climb?"

I would say there was at least one competent person during setup, and someone else axed it out for one reason or another.


wrote …

Yes indeed, rope climbs are an exciting event but putting them last just puts athletes in danger. Overall though it looked like an amazing Games. Hopefully they choose the 2011 site a little earlier in the year!


wrote …

Hey thats Bingo, in the flesh. Good to put a face to a name!


wrote …

i already think your work goes above and beyond any expectations, but you have really cemented in my mind that you are an amazing film maker with that shot of a beautiful bouncing butt in perfect slow motion on the handstand push-ups. that was it!! it does not get much better than that!!

this is not a joke


replied to comment from Allison Autrey

Oh that moment was not lost on me, Allison, incredible footage.


wrote …

Awesome work, as usual. These vids are so entertaining!


replied to comment from Harrison Meelker

'Tis indeed Harrison!

Thanks for including my little bit, Sevan. I've enjoyed all of your work these last couple of years, and it's been a really fun ride watching your continued growth as an artist.

Here's hoping that Coach and Tony feel the same way and that we get lots more stuff from you as time goes on.



wrote …

SEVAN. Brilliant. I wish you could come and film all of my family holidays or something. You're a film magician. Thank you for documenting that for all of us. BTW, I could've done without the entire world watching me emotionally crumble after the last event ;)

If grape tossing/catching isn't in the Games next year, CrossFit is dead to me.


wrote …


Excellent work brother, love it.

As for the mats, I am glad they weren't there for the rope climb. The absence of a soft landing for a rope climb makes an athlete deal with the palpable fear of heights while severely fatigued. With mats athletes WILL drop from the top, without mats they will at least try and slow themselves down. I did not appreciate this reality until I had the opportunity to feel it during the NW Regionals; fatigue + fear = a pretty cool test.


wrote …

You're good Sevan, you're really good.


replied to comment from Todd Widman

Really Todd? The whole training to overcome fatigue + fear deal is fine for the military. It has zero place in an athletic competition. What happens if someone overestimates their ability to stay on the rope and drops from 20 feet up onto their back? Is it still a "cool" test? What a ludicrous thing to say. It's unsafe, irresponsible, and piss poor planning. But since no one was "seriously" hurt, I suppose it's all well and good. Hell, let's make it 30 feet next year and we'll just go until someone really gets fucked up, or even dies. That'd be real cool. Next mainpage WOD... "Fall from rope" Post height and injuries to comments.


replied to comment from Chris Gedicks

Your response is a little harsh. I understand both sides of the argument. Rope climbing is a regular component of crossfit (and a good skill to have!). Todd makes a great point. Knowing that their is no mat forces an athlete to try and hold on that extra little bit.

By the same token, 9 rope climbs in the final workout of a triple workout of a massive weekend might have added increased risk unnecessarily. This isn't planning for a rock climbing accident to hold your friend up by a rope, it's a physical test/sport not a life or death situation...

It was cool to watch but Froning (I think it was him) fell from half didn't look pretty. Easily could have blown an ankle or knee. He didn't, which is lucky. And judging it as safe because "no one got hurt" is illogical.


replied to comment from Matt Solomon

Rope climbing being a regular component has nothing to do with it. There still should have been mats. It "might" have added some risk? No maybe about it, it definitely added risk, and for no reason.

Froning fell, Christy Phillips took a nasty fall, Heather Bergeron took a bad fall, and those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. And my point of it being safe because no one got hurt was dripping with sarcasm. I thought that would have been clear from the rest of my post.


wrote …

Having no mat, made it so they had to climb back down. Also, it did add a serious psychological element to the workout. I totally agree with what Todd had to say.
The reaction to not having mats is very severe. What about the 134 degree tempurature on the floor? What about the number of WODs? Somebody could have just as easily blown out a knee jumping off of one of the walls. It is a competition for the "Fittest Man/Woman on Earth". It was done brilliantly. If I were you Chris, I wouldn't climb a rope without a mat. I know that we do it at our box pretty often.


wrote …

Maybe there shouldn't be medical staff either because if there were no medical staff it would make it psychologically harder.


replied to comment from Ryan DeBell

The contestants were all adults capable of making the choice whether they should compete because it was too dangerous. As was stated in another comment, if it's too dangerous for you then don't do it but you don't need to be everyone else's nanny.


wrote …

Everyone else's nanny? Were the athletes told ahead of time that they would be put through a shitload of work, a lot of it requiring grip, and then they would have to make multiple trips up a 20' rope with no pads underneath? No, they weren't. So your capable adults argument doesn't fly. I've climbed a rope without anything underneath me plenty of times, but not under those circumstances. "If it's too dangerous then don't do it" is a bullshit argument. Step away from the kool-aid glass....


replied to comment from Whitney Mansfield

Temperature is not anywhere near the concern that a 20' fall is. Why do I even have to point that out? Sure somebody could have blown a knee coming off a wall, or they could have dropped a snatch on their spine and been paralyzed. Those are known as accidents. Completely different than sending someone 20' into the air with no padding underneath. That is known as poor planning. If I were you, I'd come up with some more logical arguments. We do that at my box all the time.


wrote …

Todd made a valid comment, if there's padding then some will try to drop at the top for a fast descent which ironically might make the climbing more dangerous than no padding at all. However, there's a valid compromise: Mark the rope at the 10ft mark with red tape or paint. Both hands MUST be touching the rope below that mark if the athlete chooses to drop off the rope or that climb does not count.

Therefore, you can have very soft padding for safety, but a reason to prevent athletes from gaming it by dropping at the top for speed. Win/win.


replied to comment from Chris Gedicks

First, you quoted me out of context. I said the increased risk might have been unnecessary, not 'there might have been increased risk'. Learn to read. It's helpful, especially during an enraged internet outburst. The fact isn't about the increased risk, it's about whether the added risk was necessary to accomplish the goal (of finding the fittest person across broad time and modal domains.)

Second, the fact that rope climbing is a regular crossfit element, makes it a known risk. The implications of undertaking such a risky activity will be better understood. Adding an entirely random activity, involving chainsaws (cut this log and move it other there for time) or guns, would be a unknown risk to many. Obviously if you've used a chainsaw or gun outside of crossfit, it would be less, but many people haven't. Competitors expect ropeclimbs, the same way they expect a muscle up to show up somewhere. They wouldn't expect to juggle fire or use a chainsaw.

Third, I don't have first hand data, but I would bet money that all the competitors had a general idea of what to expect for the weekend. A large amount of very difficult workouts. So you're post #38 doesn't really fly.


wrote …

This was a great video. But i would like to know how can I get a Mikko Salo shirt that the gril was sporting!!


wrote …

An Ode to CrossFit women. Will show this to my gf :)

Impressive work Sevan, incredibly enjoyable and great job of really capturing the atmosphere, maybe the most important aspect of these vids.


wrote …

I know this is late, but, First let me say i am a bit turned off by the negativity here. Yes both sides have valid concerns. I too think rope climbing at all as the last event wasn't the smartest. I go back to two a day football practices when 2-3 days in, every inch of you hurts and its just painful to move. BUT you get up and get going and you are ok. Until you stop moving! haha. Point being you are shredded at this point so to ask the athletes to do such an intense BW exercise at the end to me was risky.

Having said that, there were no serious injuries (agreed, not that that matters). The games were awesome to watch despite still evolving. BUT CrossFit as a whole is kinda under attack from folk who don't CrossFit. So having dissention within doesn't help. So, you give constructive criticism, great. Learn to deal with constructive criticism. Just because someone doesn't agree doesn't give you the right to lash back. Be adult/professional.

Re: Todd's comment. He is totally correct re: CF theme of unknown and unknowable. BUT i also agree with safety first due to my point above. So, While not perfect we all agree CrossFit as a way of life is the best way to live and be healthy. Lets foster that, NOT tear each other down.......Kum bay ahhhhhhh!

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