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Positive Self-Talk: The Greatest Adaptation by Greg Amundson - CrossFit Journal

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September 19, 2010

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“The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears.”

Those are a few inspiring words Coach Greg Glassman shared with “original firebreather” Greg Amundson back when Coach was regularly pushing Amundson through WODs at the original CrossFit box.

Those words inspired Amundson’s seminar series on goal setting and positive self-talk. Through storytelling, one of CrossFit’s original stars shares what he’s learned over the years about the mental game and how your self-talk can make or break your performance.

7min 49sec

Additional reading: Coaching the Mental Side of CrossFit by Greg Amundson, published July 7, 2010.

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31 Comments on “Positive Self-Talk: The Greatest Adaptation”


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Greg - that was straight up awesome, brutha, would love to see you speak even more on ANY topics, physical, mental, etc.

I still remember the first time I watched your vid of FRAN.

You're legendary brutha, keep kickin ass, NO stopping!




Greg - totally fantastic. My research team and I have been talking about how CrossFit training has the capacity to change our threshold for fear in the 'real world' I train college students and professors and every last one of them has reported after training CF and dealing with the pre-Wod jitters they walk taller knowing that they are able to do the things they can, physically. Fantastic presentation. If you are ever in the ATL region hit me up and we'll have you lecture on campus! Totally inspiring!


wrote …

Greg you rock! Very interesting video that's just fantastic to watch you talk about those things and it's really motivating! I think i'll listen this video before each WOD haha


wrote …

love this video! I train a bunch of high school age kids (along with other varying age groups) but i've noticed that the kids that crossfit have a certain confidence about them and that other kids who see the intensity of the workouts (but don't participate) have a respect for the effort they are putting out and it becomes contagious and draws them in.

As for within a workout, I tell kids when they say they can't do something to "take the 20lb weight vest of negativity off and it will be a lot easier". Recently we had a female sophomore knock out her first legit pull-up and she told me, "I took off the weight vest today".


wrote …

I was told that if I'm able to do muscle ups, I don't weigh enough. Is there any truth to this?


wrote …


If that was true then every hardcore crossfitter would be underweight, which they're not. From my perspective it's the opposite; I haven't gotten full muscle-ups yet because I weigh too much. :)


wrote …

Greg A continues to inspire the CF community year after year.


wrote …


Great presentation, Brother. Congratulations on diving headlong into a field that is hard to quantify, but beautiful in action: the mental machinations of the elite athlete.

Just because we cannot measure something directly does not mean it is not worth studying.

I'm looking forward to your talk in February!




wrote …

Awesome Greg!

Can't wait for more.



wrote …

Right on! I'm inspired!


wrote …

Greg, I really enjoyed the video. That was just as great to watch as you and Josh doing Fran. I hope to get to one of your talks.


wrote …

Greg, I really enjoyed the video. That was just as great to watch as you and Josh doing Fran. I hope to get to one of your talks.


wrote …

Hi Greg, I first met you at my 1L cert in Ramona last year and I got hooked with your lectures and personality. I have been following each and every step of CF, from initial one up to today, to better understand how you, as a firebreather, feel and live CrossFit. You're simply and totally inspiring! Hope to get you around shortly, or maybe in Milan/Italy, who knows?


wrote …

Get this man a contract! I could see him being a motivational speaker...or a preacher. He knows his stuff!


wrote …

I love the weight you put with everything you say. Great speech, I would love to hear more!


Joseph Alexander wrote …

The belief in self is the key to unlocking the door to opportunity and achievement, though not an easy task to accomplish. I have always felt CrossFit was a fantastic medium to develop self esteem and provide tangible evidence of accomplished goals. Steve's club knows this. I foresee a fantastic application to reaching out and touching those folks suffering and battling their own personal demons and self doubt. The victories in the gymnasium set the stage for winning at life. I really believe this. Greg, fantastic speech.


wrote …

great talk Greg - you, as always, are da man. Keep it coming


Nathan Johnson wrote …

Awesome lecture, Greg. I could listen to you and Andy Stumpf all day. Great skills.



wrote …

Thanks for showing once again why you are such an absolute hero to every single one of us. I can not wait to experience the seminar in full. Thanks for all you have done, no one has impacted this community over the years like you have!


wrote …

Nothing short of astonishing!

I have seen Greg in workout videos and been inspired. I have read articles by Greg and been informed and motivated. Now I have seen Greg speak and I am awed at the presentation and the passion with which he completely captivates his audience. Please Please Please! continue the work of inspiring crossfitters. You have a gift.


wrote …

Absolutely awesome. Greg, you nailed it. Thank you.


wrote …

What an amazing human. Anytime he talks it gets me excited about anything and everything. Wish I could make it to one of these seminars so bad. Keep it up Greg your an inspiration.


wrote …

Very inspirational, thanks.


wrote …

Greg- inspirational. Thanks for everything you do for the community and all the individual athletes out there.


wrote …

I 100% agree that the largest adaptation to CrossFit is mental! On that front, I still have a LONG WAY to go! Thanks for the amazing video....I want to attend this seminar!!



wrote …

I had the honor and pleasure of hosting Greg's first Positive Self-Talk seminar at CF West Santa Cruz this last summer. It was a packed house with people sitting on medballs and boxes. Greg's talk encompassed his considerable CrossFit experience and was packed with anecdotes and stories of his interaction with Coach Glassman in the old days at CF Santa Cruz. Of special interest were his stories of the training he has gone through as a police and federal SWAT member, as well as the military. Greg showed how the positive self-talk and mental toughness that he pioneered in CrossFit training has imbued every aspect of his life. I came away from his seminar as inspired and filled with purpose as I have from any CF seminar or cert that I have attended, perhaps more so.

If you have the opportunity to see Greg speak in person, jump on it. Greg, we hope to have you back at CFWSC soon.



wrote …

As everyone before me has said, "Well Done".
If you go on the road as a motivational speaker, I know my PD would love to have you.



wrote …

Greg! I am so excited to hear some more "stories!" This one inspired me to work on muscle ups right after I got done listening to it. Needless to say, your an inspiration. Can't wait to come to your seminar. I know that it is going to be extremely legit.


Stephen Wakefoose wrote …

Great stuff. Inspiring to say the least.


wrote …

Great positive videos/articles! Now being a CrossFitter (I'm a petite 5ft 2in. female weighing at 112lbs), the WOD's are hard. Preparing mentally first will get you through them and it also translates to life's unexpected situations. I would love to attend these seminars!


wrote …

I know I'm late to the party, but I've only been doing CrossFit for less than a year, and it was just recommended to me by my coach. Greg...this is awesome! It really hit home for me! Thank you!


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