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Who or What Inspires You? by Various - CrossFit Journal

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November 29, 2010

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Members of Team Rogue, winners of the Rogue Vs. Again Faster Throwdown in Lake Tahoe, Calif., come together to answer this question: Who or what inspires you?

For Kristan Clever, swimmer and five-time Olympian Dara Torres is an idol. Clever is also inspired by those who continue being athletic well into “old” age. Her goal is to “just be active as long as I can.” Rob Orlando shares a similar respect for those who refuse to quit, such as football player Brett Favre.

“Favre is an old man playin’ the game, and I admire that,” Orlando says.

Other athletes are inspired by legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Both Caity Henniger and Tommy Hackenbruck admire Jordan for his burning passion. According to Hackenbruck, “If you want to be the best, it has to burn like that. It has to really be that big of a deal to you.”

A few athletes pick more close-to-home idols like Olympian Natalie Burgener, a woman Miranda Oldroyd admires for her strength and personality. Chris Spealler, a former Division 1 wrestler, has been inspired by other wrestlers. Graham Holmberg admires his extremely dedicated father for struggling through adversity and being such a positive influence in his life. And for Mikko Salo, his inspiration is a world-record-holding Finnish indoor rower who trains even harder than Mikko himself—which is pretty hard to imagine.

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13 Comments on “Who or What Inspires You?”


wrote …

Everyone of you is my inspiration, thx.


wrote …

Chris Spealler inspires me.


wrote …

A number of famous people jump to mind, but if i give it some thought id have to say just about anyone who is giving their all weather it being work, sports or familylife. Just someone who passionatly devoted to something or someone.


wrote …

I have to agree with Oscar, everyone of you inspire us with your individual talents that each of you possess and the time that you devote to the "Sport of CrossFit" and CrossFit itself.


Chris Cavallerano wrote …

Interesting timing and great topic. For those interested the New York Times magazine recently ran an article called, The Incredible Flying Nonagenarian ( Any CrossFitter that reads this article will likely see how the CrossFit lifestyle and formula (with a tremendous component of intrinsic motivation- accomplishment, purpose, mastery, etc.) can increase the likelihood of a longer/healthier/fitter life by offering a unique blend of variation in exercise, intensity, and community. Don't be surprised if you see the first CrossFit WOD in outer space and it's not a gimmick but a real way that astronauts, and by proxy seniors, can maintain/improve health.

Some interesting sections for you skimmers-
Exercise motivation influence- rats, competition, and spouses.
Astronauts and accelerated aging (Their workouts aren't "hardcore enough")


replied to comment from Chris Cavallerano

That's a good read, thanks for sharing.


Alex Kourkoumelis wrote …

I'm with Rob- "I admire anybody who rows, voluntarily."


wrote …

Any video with Kyle Maynard speaking or throwing down in a WOD. He oozes inspiration. There is no quit in that man!


wrote …

For those who can't quite make out who Mikko says, I believe he is saying Klaus Geiger.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

I'm always motivated when reading, meeting / speaking with Navy SEALs or other branches of military spec ops.

They show me how the mind and body can go 10,000 times beyond the normal limits that we tend to place on ourselves

Speal makes a great point regarding Iowa Wrestlers, they are pure animals, and the era from Dan Gable really resonated with me because all I understand in life, for a VERY long time, was the need to outwork everyone

I would also say guys like Coach Ethan Reeve inspire me, his stories of training when he was a young kid all the way through college as a wrestler and his days of Coaching wrestling always inspire me.

I am inspired and also admire the top competitors who are so humble and simply walk the talk.

I'd be leaving so many people out but I've become close friends with a few people who I met at my first FilFest in Miami and it was my first time being around such an amazing environment of people, I REALLY admire all the people I met there, so many were going after their dreams and turning passions into reality, I admire them as well :)



robert day wrote …

totally agree with rob orlando at the end there. rowing for fun!! person must be crazy.

present inspiration is the boxer manny pacquiao. someone who has great respect for his sport, who voluntary looks for new challenges, is humble and looks to use his fame and sport to achieve goals outside his chosen areana.


wrote …

I agree with Kristen. Anyone who continues to stay active despite the aging process inspries me. Whether we like to admit it, we are all in a fight against the inevitable. So kudos to those in their 50's, 60's and whatever that # is. You rock!!!


Rob Barrese wrote …

I'm surprised no one mentioned their clients. I'll tell you I get very motivated by the folks who come spill sweat in my gym everyday. Granted there are some who's physical capability is no where near the games competitors but watching them give it their all gets me fired up!

That was cool to learn Speal is a ski enthusiast. I would offer my ski services in return for some CF secrets!

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