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Annie T. at CFNE by Annie Thorisdottir - CrossFit Journal

Annie T. at CFNE

By Annie Thorisdottir

In Athletes, CrossFit Games, Videos

December 22, 2010

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Annie Thorisdottir, the second-place finisher at the 2010 CrossFit Games, has come back to the States, where cameras caught her working out and sharing training secrets at CrossFit New England.

“Every week, I’m getting stronger, and I can feel it,” Thorisdottir says. “I’m always seeing progress, which is good. I’m just waiting for the point where I’m going to get stuck.”

Since the Games, Thorisdottir has become an HQ trainer who teaches Level 1 certifications, and her bootcamp has become a CrossFit affiliate. As an athlete, she’s working on her own strength and technique with lifting. She films her movement so she and her coach can analyze it, find weaknesses and make corrections.

“Definitely just going through everything again and again makes me think about it more when I’m doing stuff,” she says. “I’m getting, definitely getting, better as an athlete, teaching it and seeing the faults,” Thorisdottir says.

Video by Again Faster.

8min 05sec

Additional video: Video Interview: Annie Thorisdottir, published Aug. 23, 2010.

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20 Comments on “Annie T. at CFNE ”


wrote …

About time we see a video on pretty Annie T!


wrote …

Agreed ! We want more !! =)


wrote …

You are right Jesus ... She's lovely :-) New member of team Again faster ???


wrote …

The editing wasn't very kind to Heather.


wrote …

NICE! Annie, get your gun.


wrote …

Love Annie. She's definitely put on some muscle.


wrote …

Crossfit has so many wonderful personalities! Annie and Heather are two of my favorites, it was a pleasure to see both oxygen in a video together.


replied to comment from Cody Harding

I meant "of them" instead of "oxygen", damned iPhone.


wrote …

More More More Annie as well as all the other amazing athletes from the international community. Remember - Constantly Varied. Nice to see how far Annie has come in a few short years and the palpable excitement she has for CrossFit.


wrote …

Very cool video.
What is that list they are working from?


wrote …

On that first AMRAP what was the total time to complete it in?


wrote …

I want a copy of that list!! Pretty please?!?!?


replied to comment from zack finer

Hey Zach, it's a list that Ben has been compiling for over a year, and one that he continues to add to.


wrote …

Annie and Heather pulled 1:34 and 1:39 500m on the erg *after* a full WO - wow!!


wrote …

Annie is an amazing competitor and a fantastic human being. We're lucky to have her as a CrossFitter. Likewise, Heather is an absolute miracle of positivity and performance. I'm glad you guys are here!




replied to comment from Dominique Brunelle

No, annie is not a new Again Faster member. She is a part of the CrossGym team!


wrote …

Awesome video all around! I love seeing Annie in the Journal again. And seriously, what do we have to do to get a copy of that list? That looks fun! Happy Holidays everyone,


wrote …

Annie is such a huge motivation for me every time I train. She reminds me to never put limits on what you believe you're capable of. She and Kris are completely raising the standard for what women are capable of...and, we are all benefiting from that. Thanks for serving that role for us, girls!


replied to comment from Scot McKinnon

I KNOW!! 400 mini WODs. That's awesome!


wrote …

Any chance that mini WOD list is going to posted or shared? :)

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