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Roundtable in Tahoe: Outlets Outside CrossFit by Various - CrossFit Journal

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December 18, 2010

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With some of CrossFit’s top athletes in Lake Tahoe, Calif., for the Rogue Vs. Again Faster Throwdown, it was a great opportunity to throw the athletes into a room and get them talking with the cameras rolling.

In this installment, HQ trainer Adrian Bozman asks the athletes, “What do you guys do as an outlet to blow off steam from CrossFit, if anything?”

“One of them for me is just, literally, just coaching our classes because I truly like doing it,” says Jason Khalipa.

In addition to coaching and playing other sports, “family time” is a prominent theme among the athletes.

“I’m a husband and a father first,” says Rob Orlando. For the athlete from Connecticut, other career pursuits also occupy his time. “I’m becoming more of a businessman, and I think I am starting to make a transition from athlete to product innovator,” he says.

For Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, a student, CrossFit is actually her outlet.

“I have too much energy in myself to just be a student, so CrossFit kind of allowed me to balance it,” she says. Nursing student Christy Phillips agrees that CrossFit is a great stress reliever.

For others, it’s friends and camaraderie that balance the stress of CrossFit.

“I love to ‘bro-out,’” Dave Lipson says. “And the coolest part is that I get to do it when I do CrossFit. I get to bro-out, and it actually eases the tension of the workout.”

What do you do to relax after a week of hard training?

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Additional reading: The Positive Impact of Physical Fitness on Emotional Fitness by Dr. Brooke R. Envick and Rick Martinez, published May 25, 2010.

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13 Comments on “Roundtable in Tahoe: Outlets Outside CrossFit”


wrote …

Lipson is my hero !!!


replied to comment from Jean-Luc Martel

me too!!!! and so is castro. those are the 2 exact answers i would have given lol


wrote …

WOW! This is great stuff! Nice to get some insight into the hearts and minds of these firebreathers. Without a doubt, the most profound thing I heard was " walk with Christ..". Since the first time I went on the main site and saw Chris Spealler rock the WOD he has been my CrossFit Hero. I recently had the honor of training under him at the coaches prep course in West Palm Beach and my respect for him deepened furthur. And now this. Now more than ever, Chris Spealler, you are my hero!


wrote …

Chris, you give meaning to the words: Cross-Fit. Very cool--you're truly a servant leader, and an inspiration to many in their daily walk. Peace Brother...


Rob O - your the man!
Actually, it was great to hear all the comments, "family first!"
My wife and I had our first about 11 weeks ago and it's completely changed my life. I love the comment "your son/daughter doesn't care if you just got a 2 minute Fran" - so true! Totally awesome. This is one group of inspiring elite athletes and quite a breath of fresh air. Thanks!


wrote …

Bro sesh with the Lipson.

Awesome vid, one of my favorites.


wrote …

I play super smash brothers.


wrote …

Gotta agree wholeheartedly with Art and Erik. There is nothing cheesy about your faith Chris! Your are an inspiration!


wrote …

Chris, your a true man in every since of the word. You inspire me as an athlete and a Christian!


wrote …

Ever since I started crossfit Chris Spealler has been one of my favorite guys to watch. It was awesome and I was so glad to hear in this video that he is a Christian! Glad to see a brother in Christ in Crossfit. Amen.


wrote …

Stokked to hear what Chris had to say :))


wrote …

Just everyone is awesome! I can relate to everyone's comments here.


wrote …

Rich Froning... I realize this is before his 1st place victory but the guy is very modest and humble. I think you can see the fire that burns within him to win, yet he never talks like it.

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