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Nutrition Prep Day with the Chans: Part 1 by Matt and Cherie Chan - CrossFit Journal

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January 10, 2011

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“So we’re here in the Chan household, and we’re at prep day,” says Cherie Chan of CrossFit Verve, located in Denver, Colo. “We try to do this once a week when we have time to prep a bunch of meals or a bunch of food that will make it super easy for us to stick to what we do every day: Zone-Paleo foods.”

Join Cherie and husband Matt for an inside scoop on their nutrition. Today they shop and begin preparation for their meals.

Cherie adds a great tip for fruit and vegetables: prep them right after you buy them.

“If I put these in the fridge the way that they are after buying them from the grocery store, what notoriously happens is I will waste about half of them because I wouldn’t have had the time to chop them and prepare a meal,” she says.

Matt and Cherie Chan show how a little planning, organization and preparation can help you keep on track with your nutrition.

As a bonus, check out a recipe for Chan Chili.

5min 09sec

Additional reading: The Chans Attempt the Triplet.

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38 Comments on “Nutrition Prep Day with the Chans: Part 1”


wrote …

This video is so helpful.


wrote …

Great suggestions. My wife and I do something similar with the meat; either I grill it or she bakes it. Having things ready to go makes my lunch prep for work easier and dinners require little thought and less time. We haven't done the vegetable prep but I think we may start.

Having meals on hand makes stopping at the drive through or ordering something a less frequent occurrence. Plus with kids there never seems to be enough time to get a good dinner in.


wrote …

good stuff


wrote …

Looks like my typical Sunday! Good stuff.


wrote …

Good stuff.

I try and do that with veggies - at least the breaking them down into usable bits part - although I really do enjoy the prep part of making a meal (not the cleanup).

I'm trying to get into the habit of making a large batch of meat/bone broth at the beginning of the week to use as a beverage with lunch. Pressure cooker is making my life easier (my traditional bone broth recipe takes a very, very long time to cook with a normal pot).


wrote …

How long do you find that ground beef / steak /chicken / fish stay good for after cooking? I'm a post-college bachelor (which makes the paleo reference for "eating like a caveman" sort of ironic)


wrote …

Must be nice to be able to spend like that on food. Back when I was working in the Aerospace Industry I was doing that very thing. Prepping 2x/week. Now that I'm making way less, there's no way unless I ate about a 4-6oz chicken breast and a bag of those frozen broccoli packets that you nuke 4x/day with some egg whites for breakfast. Hmmmm...that might actually work. I may end up turning into a chicken but I guess there are worse things.


wrote …

Interesting article. But I couldn't help noticing Matt's comment about how they use the microwave to reheat meals (for convenience, of course). You may be interested to read this well-researched article on health hazards associated with microwave cooking.


wrote …

Can't wait for part 2. Pretty helpful.


wrote …

Super organised - great video! (tony black NOT graeme brown)


wrote …

I like it, I have done that with meats but not with the veggies and as stated mine end up mostly going to waste. Good to see the Chan's!


wrote …

Awesome video. I wish there were more like this.


wrote …

Great video. Can't wait to see part 2.


Joseph Alexander wrote …

Love those Walmart prices at the farmers market!! This is going to be a great series. See you guys sooner or later.


wrote …

Great idea but brutal grilling/cooking techniques. The Chan's spend so much time and are so dedicated to refining and perfecting their fitness and physique, why not take a bit of extra time to learn how to properly prepare the foods they will use to fuel their rigorous training regimen?


wrote …

Gotta love a community where you can leave your groceries in the back of your truck and go shopping knowing that they will still be there when you get back. Good video, can't wait for the rest.


wrote …

This looks great. Will there be a shopping list/menu in the upcoming installments?


wrote …

#6 Erich,
I find grilled chicken breast is good for days (I've stretched it to a week) as long as it's refrigerated shortly after prep. Never had a problem.

Fish won't last as long...I don't like going beyond 2 to maybe 3 days. I don't eat a ton of red meat but would think that'd be similar to chicken.

If you want to grill some chicken, buy at least a pound and then you can have 3-4 meals. Even if you're out of school for many years and never developed cooking skills, grilling is EZ and good for you.

#7 James,

Spending $135 (I understand there's other $$ they have spent with spices, non-perishables that weren't included with $135) breaks down as such:

$20/day = $10/day/person = $3.50/meal = NOTHING in cost. I dare someone to live on the run and eat fairly well that effectively. $300/month/person for food is really good.

It can be overwhelming to step into your local Outpost/Whole Foods and see all the organic prices. Do some legwork to find out which items are better to buy the expensive stuff and what you can do with frozen or regular fresh veggies/fruit. As you saw in the video, you don't have to spend tons of $$ on decent quality food.


wrote …

All of this block counting looks ridiculous.

What a waste of time. Thanks Barry.


wrote …

It's great to get a peek into someone else's kitchen and see their process. A few comments:

1) I haven't found that i can keep the food tasting fresh and delish for more than 3 or 4 days. For that reason, I do this prep 2x per week.

2) I think the perception that Whole Foods is more expensive is wrong. I did a head to head about 3 months ago (WF, Walmart, Target, King Soopers). Eggs, milk, almond butter, and many organic vegetables were cheaper at WF. flat out. Milk was a DOLLAR a gallon cheaper at WF than Walmart. And, at WF you can shop the whole store and not worry about trans fat.

3) I agree that the grill work was weak, but hey, dude is BIG!


wrote …

I would really like more videos like this. I am always pressed for time and nutrition. Thanks soooo much.


wrote …

couldn't help but notice that the food they were buying was NOT organic. I could be mistaken. Are the Chan's NOT sticklers for organic?


wrote …

This was a great video. The one thing that the main site doesn't discuss enough is nutrition. But hey no one is perfect.


wrote …

The Chans practice what they preach. On a car ride to Montrose about a year ago we stopped at a gas station at 8pm at night. It was freezing cold outside. Matt opened up a cooler in the back of the truck, pulled out a food scale (which Cherie had packed), and weighed out their protein for dinner. Awesome.


wrote …

This is sweet. Thanks guys.


replied to comment from Troy Peterson

#18 Troy...I'll have to examine my receipts a little closer. But I remain skeptical that an average of $10/day will get me 5 meals.

The cost of living in So Cal really hit home the other day when I realized I was spending $1.50 on bell peppers and they weren't even organic!! Hell Trader Joe's sold them in 2-packs and they were still about a buck a piece. I recently went to a Mexican market in Culver City and they were less than a dollar. WTH is everyone else's problem? I'm going to have to start looking at the mom-n-pop stores for my produce. There are still a couple around. A Sprouts is going to open soon in my area but since it's still Redondo Beach, I don't have much hope in prices being much lower. I'll have to go to the one in Torrance to get an idea on what they charge.


Jason Khalipa wrote …

Very cool video guys! I love it!

Just started eating 100% paleo on the 1st, this is helpful!

See you guys soon,



wrote …

awesome! no excuses for not eating a GOOD healthy meal.


Joseph Alexander wrote …

Great Video Matt and Cherie!! Cherie you look awesome! Hope you guys are enjoying your new space:)



replied to comment from james darden

I based my calculation on their grocery bill. The video implied they shop 1/week for the bulk of their food.

I'm sure there are incidentals and other items they buy throughout the week. The main point someone can take from the video: with some planning you can eat pretty well and it doesn't have to break the bank. Planning/preparation is the key.


wrote …

First of all, awesome video that was very helpful. I look forward to part 2.
Second, I tried to show my wife the video but couldn't get it to play in Quicktime or Windows Media. Has anyone else had any trouble playing the video?


wrote …

Great video Chan family! This is outstanding work that is both educational and inspirational.

All the best to you both,

Greg & Mallee Amundson


wrote …

Thanks so much for doing this you guys! This is a very helpful and inspiring video in putting it all together!


wrote …

Really helpful. I needed this to get back on track.

To paraphrase Pat Sherwood, debating over a person's diet is as incendiary as debating over a person's religion. The price of food, microwave vs no microwave, organic vs local vs big box: this could start WWIII!

Can't wait for Pt 2


wrote …

Great video! This is exactly the info the community needs. Thanks for the tips!


wrote …

Great video, off to cut up all my vegies to pre-emptive strike my laziness and procrastination.


wrote …

Awesome video.

I applaud you for the amount of time it takes to do a massive cooking day.

No room in my small fridge for this.

Thanks for the tips.


replied to comment from William O'Brien

#16 Lol... I'm from Miami and I was thinking the same thing!

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