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Journal Club: Insulin and Exercise by Dr. Jonathan Gary - CrossFit Journal

Journal Club: Insulin and Exercise

By Dr. Jonathan Gary

In ExPhysiology, Kids, Reference

March 14, 2011

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Dr. Jonathan Gary offers an introduction to the cell biology behind increasing glucose uptake into cells.

For readers who previously subscribed to the CrossFit Kids Magazine, this article will be another in the series I’ve written trying to explain the basic scientific research that supports the benefits of exercise, both for the mind and body.

I call this series “Journal Club” from my time in graduate school. The closest thing I can compare it to is a book report. Perhaps a dozen students would get together every week, and it was the responsibility of one of us to present a paper (or perhaps a couple linked by a common theme). We could present the paper as something imaginative or groundbreaking in order to let everyone else in on the cool science; but it could also be a paper that was a bit questionable, either in its experimental procedures or conclusions. In either case, it was a great learning tool for critically reading papers. It was also a great way to disseminate knowledge to the rest of the group.

I have the same purpose here: to present papers that I think are pretty interesting in the hopes that it starts a dialogue, opens some eyes or even makes you do a bit of research for yourself. These papers are not presented as the end-all be-all on topics but a point from which further consideration and research can begin.

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Dane Thomas wrote …

This might provide at least a partial explanation for the slower-than-anticipated and lower-than-anticipated blood sugar spike from post-WOD recovery nutrition as noted by Tim Ferriss in his book The 4-Hour Body.


wrote …

good article Dr. Gary


wrote …

Thank you! This is a great article.

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