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Sherwood Chronicles: Community Part 6 by Pat Sherwood - CrossFit Journal

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April 01, 2011

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In this new series, HQ trainer Pat Sherwood is searching the CrossFit community for real people with real stories to share. In Part 6, Sherwood is at CrossFit Reston in Reston, Va., for a Level 1 Certificate Course. While there, he interviews Helen, a 65-year-old CrossFitter, to find out her motivation for attending.

“I just wanted to prove I could do it,” Helen says.

Helen began CrossFit to improve her health and shed fat. She absolutely loves it.

“I was totally addicted within two weeks,” she says.

Helen immediately asked her coach if she could train more days a week. The results are changing her life for the better. Helen says she lost 20 lb. of fat and gained 10 lb. of muscle.

“So I really support the Paleo Diet, and I really support CrossFit, and I just think it’s all wonderful,” Helen says.

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Additional reading: Seniors and Kids by Greg Glassman, published Feb. 1, 2003.

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17 Comments on “Sherwood Chronicles: Community Part 6”


wrote …

A sub 2 minute Fran is CF, 3x150kg C&J within 40 seconds is CF. But Helen is CF to the max! You go, Helen! I'm gonna show this to my parents and I hope they will see you as an example.


Dane Thomas wrote …

CF is about doing as much good as possible for as many people as possible. The only way to do that is to meet them at a level that works for them and help them to climb upwards from there.

Thanks Pat and Helen (and Helen's trainer!)


wrote …

Thanks for sharing Helen! You are an inspiration and testament that a full life of fitness is possible. My mom will meet you(through this video) when she visits later this month and I think I will be saying something like "Helen's doing it, what's your excuse?"

Keep it up Pat. I appreciate these people and their stories that you bring us. Any tips on what not to say to your parents?


wrote …

great video and great spirit! the community is the heartbeat of crossfit and with people like helen and pat as crossfitters that pulse will always be strong.

BTW great t-shirt, "You'll pass out before you die!"


wrote …

First my condolences for losing your uncle. However I'm sure he's beaming over you right now saying, "That's my niece!". Way to go Helen. I am SOOO pumped to start. I take my foundation class this Monday in Baltimore. Fingers crossed. I'm passing this on to my family, so they can see they could improve their health as well. You are an inspiration. You should have your own video blog for we older cross fitters. HINT..HINT..encourage her Sherwood. My best Helen.


replied to comment from Brian Hassler

I do too..wonder where I could get one? I think I have had that near-death experience a couple of times, especially whenever I do overhead squats.


wrote …

Helen...YOU ROCK!!! I wish my mother would quit walking around the park with her friends and try CrossFit! I think it would change her life......Another great story from the community. Thanks Pat!


wrote …

Cool story. Great job Helen. I cut out sugar and most simple carbs about 5 years ago. One of the unexpected side effects I experienced was the elimination of acid reflux. Thanks for sharing that Helen!


wrote …

Helen was is one of my favorite people that I have ever interviewed. She was fun, down to earth, and full of live. She is CrossFit.


wrote …

Hell yeah I love stories like this!!! It just proves that CrossFit does work to actually change your lifestyle and to get back to doing the things you love to do, and also experience new challenges because you are healthier, stronger, and fitter! Especially for women in their later 30's and up, osteoporosis is a major factor in addition to heart disease and diabetes. CrossFit can improve bone density and strength.


wrote …

I'm a 67 year old CrossFit coach in Denver and I'm having a lot of difficulty getting past CrossFit's reputation of being specifically for people who relate to "You'll Pass Out Before You Die". CrossFitter's, including my son who owns the gym at which I coach, CrossFit Dominion, and is a Cop, not that I'm proud of him or anything, Where was I?...Oh, yeah, CrossFitters will SAY it's for everyone, then a prospective "de-conditioned" fifty or sixty something will see what people doing a regular WOD are putting themselves through and sayonara.
A few such as Helen aren't scared, in fact love it. I kind of do myself but EVERYONE needs CrossFit. I'd almost say folks who don't think they can do it, and Classics (my term for people over 50), need it the most.

I saw Pat at K Star's mobility cert in Denver this past winter, Pat also led my level one cert. I've not been able to do regular pullups but I can do ring pullups. Pat couldn't figure out why either. I think I've got it. Different muscles. After not doing a pullup but a lot of lifting for half a century when I ask my lats to pull, I get "you talkin' to me?"
I'm working on it.

I did do the 56 story stair climb up Denver's tallest building in Feb. Maybe the Empire State Bldg. next year.


wrote …

Thank you so much Crossfit J for showing the interview. I just love all you guys. And Pat - you are the greatest !!!


wrote …

That is the type of CrossFit video that will stick with you forever. Very motivating! Helen is the perfect example of what CF can do for you. I want her at my box. People like that are as insprational as any young fire breather.


wrote …

I was at that same CrossFit Level 1 Certification with Helen and she was truly an inspiration! Way to go Helen and keep kicking ass!


wrote …

this is going to be my hook to try to get my parents into our "special" group :)
yeah! helen and pat


wrote …

Thank you, Pat, for always making real videos. CrossFit truly crosses all ages.

Helen, you are such an inspiration to everyone! Your spirit clearly comes across in this video.

Wilfredo...I agree! Helen, please start blogging. Check out I'd love to read YOUR thoughts and feelings about CrossFit.


wrote …

Hey Pat,

Great video. I've been disseminating the Crossfit word to my family and this woman reminds me of my mother a bit (except about 10 years younger) I will have to tell my mom about this video! Thanks again, 'Mad' Max Willey

PS: Hey Pat, you should come to Oslo Norway this summer. The new Crossfit Oslo box will be opening up in August *hint, hint, nudge, nudge :D

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