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Accomplishment of a 10-Year Goal by Greg Amundson - CrossFit Journal

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May 17, 2011

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“I think I am a good testimony to the fact that CrossFit … no matter when you start, you’ll see at the least 10 years of adaptation,” says Greg Amundson, the “original firebreather.”

Sevan Matossian catches up with Amundson to talk about CrossFitting for a decade. Amundson is a 10-year veteran of the CrossFit program, and he is still improving.

“I train harder now more than ever,” he says. “My capacity, my fitness, has immensely increased.”

According to Greg, he has even remained injury-free.

“All it takes is a little bit of appreciation for the fact that these workouts are designed to humble the world’s greatest athletes, and when you can realize that, when you can approach a workout with that knowledge and scale it for your level, it’s the world’s safest fitness program,” he says.

Amundson says he always strives to make PRs, but no one can break records all the time.

“If we find ourselves plateauing in one area, shift focus,” he says.

Amundson cites CrossFit’s Sports Series as a great opportunity to grow your fitness.

“We can be improving in our fitness for the rest of our life,” he says.

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Additional reading: Forging Elite Leadership by Greg Amundson, published April 18, 2011.

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18 Comments on “Accomplishment of a 10-Year Goal”


EC S wrote …

The original firebreather! You cannot beat Greg's genuine passion for life. Great vid.


wrote …




wrote …

My original CrossFit hero. I have been looking up to Greg A and following his progress since 2005. I'm still looking up to him to this day, nothing has changed.
Thanks, Greg!


wrote …

Glad to see him on a CF video again, it's been a long while since he's done one.
I love all of his classic hero and girl videos that were shot when CF was more of a down to earth mom and pop business.

I heard him give his explanation as to why he's never done the Games, but I still wish he would. I'd bet anything that he'd smoke anybody in the field. He is the original firebreather!


wrote …

What a cool dude. A pleasure to follow on the interwebz.


wrote …

What a great video.

10 years and no injuries? That is amazing.


wrote …


Many Thanks for the inspiring video on the Journal. You certainly are a true motivator and a great leader.

Lastly, you are still the man. BOOM!



wrote …

dude is a definite bad ass.


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

Great video-wish this was on YouTube so I could pass this on to others not yet convinced that CrossFit training really works.


replied to comment from Pat Sherwood

Nice to see someone like Pat sharing the spotlight with another Crossfit great.
Aside from what Crossfit has done for me physically the people engaged in this community are humble and enthused about creating. And sharing this new paradigm of fitness.
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on the process.
Murry z. Crossfit Herzliyah, Israel


wrote …

Taken a week off in 10 years, what the heck?


wrote …

Greg is truly inspirational! I mean in this in the highest regard when I say, he is nearly a perfect combination of Rambo and Teddy Ruxpin, he destroys anything that stands in his way, but he does it with a warm, comforting voice and demeanor!


wrote …

Greg - you're a gem, you've set the standard on and off the court (so to speak) for thousands of us that have followed. Congrats on continuing to perform at such a high level.


wrote …

greg is my original crossfit hero .... and still is!
go get em greg. still hoping one day to see you competing in the games:)


Antonio Sunzeri wrote …

Fire breathing dragon!


wrote …

J*sus! Greg is inspiring! Love it :)


wrote …

Greg is competing at the So Cal regional, which will be great to see how the original firebreather stacks up against the likes of Josh Bridges, Bill Grundler and JC Nessa amongst others.

Good luck Greg!


wrote …

I want this guy to be my best friend

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