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Beyond the CrossFit Games: Part 3 by Hilary Achauer - CrossFit Journal

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May 19, 2011

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Hilary Achauer explains how Matt Lodin used the Reebok CrossFit Games Open as rehab.

It happened in the middle of Nasty Girls, an infamous WOD that is 3 rounds for time of 50 squats, 7 muscle-ups and 10 135-lb. hang power cleans. Matt Lodin was at the end of the second round, coming out of a muscle-up. As he landed, he felt a sharp, eye-searing pain in his left knee and collapsed to the ground. He tried to get up and move on to the power cleans, but he couldn’t straighten his leg.

Matt went to the doctor the next day and got the news. He had dislocated his patella and shredded the meniscus in his left knee. The only option was surgery—disappointing news only a month before the CrossFit Games Open competition.

“When the doctor told me I needed surgery, I had to figure out if I was going to hold off and go through the Games without the ability to fully extend my knee or lose some conditioning and hope to be fully recovered by regionals,” Matt said.

Once the CrossFit Games Open schedule was revealed as a six-week, worldwide competition, Matt made his decision:

“I was going to get my surgery done when the Open started and use the six weeks of competition as my rehab.”

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wrote …

Proud of you big month


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Way to represent CFPB beast... Mad hyped to watch you get nasty at regionals!


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go matt go...awesome story sir.


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You are my favorite ginger!

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