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The Gymnastics Solution by Thomas (Dusty) Hyland with Jeff Tucker - CrossFit Journal

The Gymnastics Solution

By Thomas (Dusty) Hyland with Jeff Tucker

In Gymnastics/Tumbling

May 04, 2011

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Dusty Hyland and Jeff Tucker offer some advice to CrossFitters aspiring to learn new gymastics movements.

The CrossFit Journal will be presenting a series of articles where Jeff Tucker teaches several gymnastics movements and explains the strength pre-requisites for those movements.

In this introduction, Dusty Hyland and Tucker talk about why it’s important to build up slowly when learning new gymnastics movements that can place new stress on the body.

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11 Comments on “The Gymnastics Solution ”


wrote …

Great article! I think a lot of crossfitters train at Crossfit Obsessive Compulsive where the slogan is, "If you don't get it right, try it again and again and again." This series seems to harken back to the theme of technique, consistency and then intensity. Can't wait for the rest of the series!


wrote …

Sounds great! I recently learned the back tuck (at a gymnastics club), but I'm still waiting to try it in real life.

By in real life, I mean at the bar for beers...wearing cowboy boots.

Dusty's 'profile pic' at the end is amazing.


Joseph Powell wrote …

Smart. The days of flinging around are hopefully coming to a close. With a clear set of standards and sequence progressions hopefully this can help with the "rush" to gain reps before competency.


wrote …

SAAAAWEEET! Can't wait for the progression info. Also, Jeanie(sp?) is a BEAST!


wrote …

Great article! I've recently started following the by Carl Paoli and I think its awesome. When you have movements scaled and broken down into progressions it makes it much easier to learn and stick with it as you can perform the modified movement and work towards the full version.


replied to comment from Matthew Stoner

if you like that - then you will like as well....


wrote …

Great article!


wrote …

Great article! Skill development taking time to walk up a ladder step by step properly and you will succeed!


wrote …

Great article! I recently attended a CF Gymnastics cert with Tucker and whole heartedly agree with their focus on pre req strength and skill development before going too far with new skills, it is the smart way to progress especially in the big picture.


wrote …

Great article, especially since im guilty of this!. As a crossfitter it is difficult to put on the brakes and progress at a skill. Luckily with muscle-ups it was "monkey see monkey do" with me. Im sure reading this article saved me from breaking my neck.


wrote …

Thanks very much. Glad to see you understand the method to the madness...

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