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“Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Feel More Alive” by Eric Bach - CrossFit Journal

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June 23, 2011

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“I’ve always kind of pushed the boundaries, you know, with adventure, with travel, with working out—whatever it may be,” says Eric Bach, a CrossFitter and competitor on the upcoming television show Expedition Impossible. His team, The Gypsies, was one of 13 three-person teams in an “Indiana Jones-style race across Morocco.” He says it was demanding, both physically and mentally.

“It’s just like everything we’ve been training for our entire lives,” he says.

According to Bach, the competition was fierce. Ex-NFL players and Everest climbers were amongst his rivals.

“We weren’t really sure how we were going to do,” he says.

Bach explains that CrossFit helped prepare his team for the challenges. CrossFitting out of CrossFit Invictus, Bach says they focused more on endurance and even worked with Navy SEALs they met through CrossFit to learn survival skills.

“This was a huge opportunity with my best friends, not to just prove to myself but to prove to the world that we could win this competition, and CrossFit was just a major part of that,” Bach says.

Expedition Impossible premiers on June 23 at 9 EST on ABC. You can find out more about Bach’s team at

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2 Comments on ““Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Feel More Alive””


CJ Martin wrote …

Great job Eric! I love that you embody the best virtues of being a member of this community - adventure, camaraderie, compassion and pushing the limits of what you believe is possible. Heading to Quality Social now to enjoy the premiere with a ton of folks from Invictus. Can't wait to see you all in action.


wrote …

Awesome, it's great to see a fellow Seminole doing great things!

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