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Running Drills With Brian MacKenzie: Part 5 by Brian MacKenzie - CrossFit Journal
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In this series on improving your running performance, Brian MacKenzie and Doug Katona of CrossFit Endurance demonstrate drills utilizing the Pose Method of running.

In Part 5, MacKenzie discusses midline stabilization and why it’s so important in running. Katona demonstrates drills that MacKenzie uses to assess an athlete’s degree of midline stabilization and develop it further. MacKenzie says these drills make great warm-up tools.

The first drill involves running with your hands clasped and arms extended out in front of your body. In the second drill, you clasp your hands and extend your arms behind your body.

“What he’s going to feel is that his body is actually falling forward, and as we’re stable, we’re able to fall forward,” MacKenzie says.

To develop midline stabilization, MacKenzie has Katona practice hollow rocks. The goal is at least a one-minute hollow rock hold.

Finally, MacKenzie discusses another common running fault: foot placement. He says runners should try to keep their feet underneath their hips. However, many higher level runners will place their feet too close together and create torque by losing their midline stabilization and turning their hips.

“We’re giving up something that we don’t need to,” MacKenzie says.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: The Basics of Pose Running Techniques by Brian MacKenzie, published Dec. 1, 2007.

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8 Comments on “Running Drills With Brian MacKenzie: Part 5 ”


wrote …

Genius! Thank you CFE!


wrote …

These videos are making a big difference in my running. Thanks B. Before the Pose Method my back, knees and feet always hurt after a ran any distance, now I run with no pain after. This is a big deal for me.


replied to comment from Trevor Duncan

Agreed Trevor,

I'm not fast and I don't have distance but I'm pain free and that a lot for me; it makes the other two possible.


wrote …

Awesome drills thanks.


wrote …

awesome series, great content love it


wrote …

great series! would love to get to one of his endurance certs! You guys should make a spoof video though where one time Doug just gets t-boned by a ice-cream truck for all those times he runs into the street! (of course you could put up a disclaimer that no actual dougs were injured in the making of this film)


wrote …

Although still new to the technique This has changed the way i approach WOD's and (as a candidate for a double knee replacement) running pain. Treating running as a skill and nowntaking the time to learn the skill has made a huge difference. Can't wait to bring this new skill and mindset to my next race (50K) next month.
Thanks Brian


wrote …

thanks brother,great video.

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