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Running Drills With Brian MacKenzie: Part 6 by Brian MacKenzie - CrossFit Journal
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In this series on improving your running performance, Brian MacKenzie and Doug Katona of CrossFit Endurance demonstrate drills utilizing the Pose Method of running.

In Part 6, MacKenzie introduces the Diesel Weasel, his CrossFitting dog, who pulls him on his skateboard or bike. He uses her to demonstrate running posture.

“In her movement, it’s the same with our movement,” MacKenzie says. She lands her feet underneath her and maintains a tight midline. It’s all the same principles with how the body works.”

MacKenzie also draws a parallel between his dog’s paws and barefoot/semi-barefoot running for humans. Without proper conditioning—starting slow and working up to longer distances—both people and dogs can destroy their feet.

He ends with discussing how midline stabilization is important for injury prevention.

7min and 46sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: The Basics of Pose Running Techniques by Brian MacKenzie, published Dec. 1, 2007.

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7 Comments on “Running Drills With Brian MacKenzie: Part 6”


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

Glad to see someone else does CrossFit with their dog-great video with some good reminders


wrote …



wrote …

Great video. Your dog has a great coach/owner!


wrote …

Interestingly enough, field trial bird dog trainers have used this technique of conditioning dogs for many, many years. It's called "roading" and traditionally done from horseback (now often ATV).


wrote …

Love it. Great K9 analysis/comparison. I notice the same thing with young kids running in bare foot. Be great to see that footage on CFJ!!


wrote …

everything makes sense in nature. Run how we are naturally born to do and no one gets hurt. Beautiful


wrote …

I know that it has been a year since this video was posted but I really like the harness you have for your dog. Where did you get it?

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