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The Glute-Ham Developer by Josh Everett - CrossFit Journal

The Glute-Ham Developer

By Josh Everett

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“Why do we use this if the best way to train your core and develop midline stabilization is through the nine foundational movements and other functional movements such as Olympic lifts? Then why this machine?” Josh Everett asks at a Level 1 Seminar. In this video, he answers why and how we train using the glute-ham developer (GHD).

Everett says some of the reasons we use the GHD include creating kinesthetic awareness and body control and introducing training with no load. Everett explains our mantra for CrossFit is “mechanics, consistency and then intensity,” and the GHD is useful for developing mechanics before introducing loads and speed with the nine foundational movements.

“The ability to train and develop under no load (is) crucial in the beginning and … can be used throughout an athlete’s career,” he says.

Everett goes over the proper form for GHD movements including the hip extension, back extension, hip-and-back extension and GHD sit-up. Fellow HQ trainer Nadia Shatila demonstrates each movement.

9min 28sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: The Glute-Ham Developer Sit-Up by Greg Glassman, published Oct. 1, 2005.

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15 Comments on “The Glute-Ham Developer”


wrote …

More Please!


wrote …

Yes more indeed. A segment/portion on the hamstring raise (single leg too) and the use of bands and/or weight would be awesome.
Love the USD weight room too btw.


wrote …

Um....I'm not trying to be adolescent about this. I find (as a man) that back extensions put undue stress on my "man parts". Am I alone in this?


replied to comment from Michael Kelly Michael Kelly

Try the GHD with a split pad. We have a few at our box so we are pain free.


wrote …

Would love the Glute Ham Raise to be touched on there as it's an amazing exercise on the GHD that can be scaled still. It's funny though I've never seen the back extension get used for that vertabrae by vertabrae breakdown by anyone using that exercise. It's a very different animal when executed in a wod!


wrote …

As someone who tries to do true back extensions when they're written that way in WOD, it would be helpful if someone from HQ could clear this issue up. When "back extensions" are prescribed, do we do back extensions or hip extensions. I've heard several L1 trainers say to do hip extensions - but then, why is the WOD not written that way?

Thanks in advance.


wrote …

Okay I'm baffled, it's called a Glute Ham Developer so why are they not using it to develop their glutes and hamstrings? The Glute-Ham Raise is possibly one of the best posterior chain exercises ever developed and yet all he is teaching is back extensions and situps? Seems to me that is missing the point. I know people are probably going to say that the Glute Ham Raise is too advanced but come on, you have to start somewhere. It was the reason this device was invented and is an excellent movement to raise the squat, deadlift, and oly lifts, so why not teach it?


wrote …

great vid. thx coach josh and coach nadia.


wrote …

I'm with Mark on this. What he touched on was fine. But I'm curious about the hamstring development as well.


wrote …

i'd take a guess to say they didn't cover it is because it was filmed at a level 1 cert and they have a template that they follow and that glute ham raises don't come up on the mainsite so thus no need to teach it at a L-1 but i'd also like to see an advance version of this video that covers that.


replied to comment from Richard Edwards

Thanks a lot Richard. I do it in my garage but will soon be moving to a box so I hope they have a split.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks, Josh!


replied to comment from Mark Kolc

I don't know, when I've done hip extentions to any reasonable degree of volume, I can barely sit on a toilet seat the next day, glute developer indeed. plus if you look at the motion, it looks eerily similar to a good morning or a stiff leg deadlift.


wrote …

Great video guys, but I'd echo the comments here asking for the same detailed demonstration of its primary exercise - the crazily beneficial GHR! Thanks.


wrote …

If you look up, one see's the great Gable's name!!!! The king of work capacity in wrestling world!!! THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. He has another great saying that is synonymous w/ increased work capacity: "It's not about the time you put in, it's about what you put in the time!!!!

Scott DeTore
CrossFit Kryptonite

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