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The San Diego Law-Enforcement Fitness Project by Greg Amundson - CrossFit Journal

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April 09, 2012

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You could say the San Diego Law Enforcement Fitness Project is about inspiration. That should be no surprise with Greg Amundson at the helm.

In Part 1, the Original Firebreather explains that the program’s goal is to “bring the culture of physical fitness back to the law-enforcement profession.” The project aims to teach officers to view themselves as “professional warrior athletes” and to treat their bodies as their first asset.

In Part 2, Amundson talks to a handful of participants about their experiences. The stories are not only uplifting but are also full of elements familiar to the CrossFit community: personal improvement, lost weight, improved attitude, etc.

Lori Luhnow, who is in upper management at the San Diego Police Department, helped launch the project.

“It’s kind of frustrating to me that most agencies and cities aren’t allowed to have physical-fitness standards for people to maintain throughout their career. And it’s one of those careers that’s going to eat people up with disease and unhealthy lifestyles,” she says. “So, for me, I think it’s an opportunity to save a life. Many lives.”

Video by Again Faster Equipment.

Part 1
6min 17sec

Part 2
6min 36sec

Additional reading: CrossFit Training for Law Enforcement: Jacksonville Five Years Later by T.J. Cooper and Phil Canto, published Sept. 1, 2007.

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14 Comments on “The San Diego Law-Enforcement Fitness Project”


wrote …

Very cool I hope it works out for them.


wrote …

Fantastic! LE is a job and career that desperately needs some health and fitness intervention - speaking from what I see everyday.

I am always thrilled to see CF making an impact on LEO - please keep it up!


wrote …

Can anyone please put me in touch with Lori.


wrote …

Chris, you can email me at .


wrote …

PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, please make this an ongoing series! Or at least do a second, wrap-up piece at the end. The transformation is gonna be so cool!


wrote …

oops. Should have watched the second video before posting. Thanks for the second piece.


wrote …

Hello Greg!

I love what you're doing for the Law Enforcement community. Thank you for your enthusiasm, dedication, training and experience. Please keep raising the bar, my friend.

Also, congratulations to Lori Luhnow for taking the lead and introducing CrossFit to the fine officers of San Diego PD.

Be Safe and Godspeed!
George Ryan


Patrick Flannelly wrote …

Great Work! I will be looking forward to Part III.


wrote …

Great program. Keep up the great work you guys are doing!!


wrote …

Outstanding!! Lori you did an awesome job motivating your peers. I need to send you an email for more info. Keep up all the good work!


wrote …

Greg, Lori and all the CFHQ team congratulations on an excellent program that is making a difference. Real people, Real results!!


replied to comment from John Lyman

I concur John, would love to see this group, triumphant, after three months! and anything along the way


wrote …

OK, saw part 2, well done ladies and gents!


wrote …

Wow, this was a great video piece! I am currently trying to get a program started with my own department. I would love to see the data collected after the three months.

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