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The Tribes in Texas by Mike Warkentin - CrossFit Journal

The Tribes in Texas

By Mike Warkentin

In Affiliation, CrossFit

April 05, 2012

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Mike Warkentin reports on the CrossFit Tour stop in Fort Worth, Texas.

A roasted pig is on a folding table outside CrossFit Fort Worth.

As athletes complete Reebok CrossFit Games Open Event 12.5 and recover, they stagger over to the table for roasted pig and chicken and a host of different salads. Everyone eyes the decidedly non-Paleo cupcakes and wonders who will be the first to break.

A dog works its way through the crowd, sucking down bits of dropped food like a canine vacuum. It pays no attention to the noise of barbells slamming down inside the gym, where the music is pumping and the crowd is cheering. CrossFit dogs don’t startle easily.

Original Firebreather Greg Amundson, fresh from judging a few workouts, looks around and smiles.

“Ten years ago, CrossFit was doing the same thing in Coach’s back yard.”

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