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Paoli’s Muscle-Up Progression: Part 1 by Carl Paoli - CrossFit Journal

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May 28, 2012

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Consider this your muscle-up primer.

In Part 1, gymnastics and movement specialist Carl Paoli shows us the band-assisted muscle-up prep he uses for every athlete.

“I need to be able to bow back and forth as a … pretty strong shape that can kind of just be manipulated, molded,” he begins.

Paoli breaks down the progression into four steps:

1. Hip extension and flexion.
2. From hip extension to a fast sit-up.
3. From the sit-up to driving the heels to the butt.
4. Then pull the body into a dip.

“It’s almost like you’re doing a forward roll over the rings,” he explains. “If I can do those four things—five reps each sitting—I will be primed and ready to go, and we can add it to the big picture of the muscle-up.”

Video by Again Faster.

8min 18sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 191 by Justin Judkins, published Sept. 28, 2011.

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11 Comments on “Paoli’s Muscle-Up Progression: Part 1”


wrote …

Carl Paoli..... come to my box! I need your guidance!


wrote …

This is fantastic. Great progression Carl Paoli. You go in depth but don't loose me along the way. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this.


wrote …

Thanks Carl for the awesome step by step break down of such complex move... Can't wait to start practing each step and getting 5 reps of each. Totally looking forward to Part 2 ;D


wrote …

Great stuff Carl. Thanks for sharing with the community.


wrote …

A fantastic and insightful video! Carl P is the brightest trainer in our CF community. I always learn so much from him in the videos. More Carl please! Thanks you and looking forward to part 2 and more from Carl.



wrote …

"Mmmmm, Life Skills! You know what I'm talking about..."


wrote …

thank you coach carl!


Jered Benoit wrote …

After watching this and a ton of practice, I got my first muscle up! Thanks Coach Paoli


wrote …

For somer reason I am not able to view the flash versions of the videos anymore. This started a week or two ago and impacts all my computers (with various operating systems) and in both Chrome and Internet Explorer. My subscription is up to date and I can still download the other file types. When I try to view the flash version, I get message from the server saying: "Blocked by authorization adapter". Help?


wrote …

I've been getting that error too.


replied to comment from Nathan Holmes

Me too, anyone know what the problem is?

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